Panus Fox 4D tractor. Panus

SHAH ALAM: More ground support equipment for RMAF. Last month, Malaysian Defence wrote about RMAF getting fuel bowsers, procured from a South Korean company. This time around, RMAF is getting ten units of low-capacity baggage towing tractor to be used mostly by its air movement units.

The tender for the tractors, published in 2021, was awarded to the Inversys Corporation Sdn Bhd with a Letter of Award of RM1.2 million. As usual the Eperolehan award page did not identify the type of towing tractor procured but from the MTO tender, we now know it is manufactured by Panus Assembly Company from Thailand. And the model of the towing tractor is the Fox 4D (main picture).

Preparing to para drop equipment from a C130 Hercules near Kuantan during Eks Paradise 7/2020. A baggage tractor would be perfectly suited to get such items from the warehouse to the aircraft. RMAF

From Panus Assembly website:

The FOX-4D Aircraft tow tractor is the workhorse of our GSE range; with 500 units in operation, it’s durability and reliability is well proven. It’s ideal for hauling a train of carts/dollies up to 40 Tonnes and also for pushing back several regional aircraft. This tractor is available as a standard 3.5 Tonnes with options for additional ballast up to 5 Tonnes, full cabin, air conditioning and hydraulically actuated tow hitch.

Humanitarian supplies being loaded in a RMAF A400M at Jakarta in 2018

Before anyone complain that they only want to know about missiles or planes contracts, do bear in mind that the contracts for GSE are the bread and butter of the military. And it shows that the military’s planning is continuing despite the lack of any big-ticket item procurement. As noted in other articles, big-ticket items procurement like the MPA and FLIT/LCA remained the purview of the politicians, leading to the huge gap between aspiration and reality.
Republic of Korea Air Force KAI TA-50. KAI

Apart from the baggage tractor, RMAF is also getting ten units of 90 KVA ground power unit, courtesy of a tender published in September, last year. The company awarded the Letter of Award of RM4.6 million is Profaz Maju Sdn Bhd. The GPU is being procured from an Italian company, Teknel, based in Rome.
Houyang GSE Hydrant dispenser aircraft refueller. Houyang.

It must be noted that the cost of shipping for both equipment from Thailand and Italy are already included in the cost of the contract as many other items including training and documentation.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. It was found that simple and cheap pallets which are highly essential to move loads were found lacking with the Russians. People get hard ons with fighters, missiles and guns but often overlooked is the vital role played by various other things.

  2. “are already included in the cost of the contract”
    How about the cost of staff holidays in Korea, Thailand and Italy on the purpose of inspecting the unit (either for tender or buyoff)?

  3. Speaking of politicians all 3 coalition had release their manifestos and only PH & PN had specific promised on defense.

  4. I think that shortage of wooden pallets can be overcomed by revitalizing gulags, assuming lumber is not completely harvested.

  5. nimitz – ”I think that shortage of wooden pallets can be overcomed by revitalizing gulags”

    The lack of pallets with the Russians was an institutionised flaw; not due to a lack of wood/lumber….

  6. “Yes that too”
    And some wonders why we no long buy things from Russia or South African nations or some other nations in the boondocks. It is so obvious! They learnt their lesson. How to have holidays in those places, tak best lah! Wives want to go shopping pun tak boleh. USA, France, Italy, Korea, Turkiye, best. Even Thailand pun boleh lah….

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