Learning From Others or Not

PETALING JAYA: It appears that despite our best interest, no one at Jalan Padang Tembak, Putrajaya or Bukit Damansara are really interested to talk about how our Armed Forces are standing up to the real world.

See what Jalan Padang Tembak is doing. Here. For the latest on the PM go here while for the head of the opposition Go Here

I guess everybody is busy politiking at the moment during this open house season and defence, the usual punching bag, will be kept under wraps until the 2012 budget is announced or not!

Anyhow, from DID, the shadow (i.e. parliamentary opposition) defence team from the Labour party in the UK published its ideas on procurement [PDF]. Among proposed measures: move to longer 10-year rolling budgets but shorter projects, focus more on affordability than “exquisite systems” (a fashionable but sensible theme nowadays), frame policy in “make or buy” terms, use “should cost” estimates and more fixed priced contracts (again things currently in the air), and restructuring of Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S).

Isnt it about time politicians talk about this things once in a while. I am not saying that West is right all the time. But should we not take heed of what others had to endure and not repeat their expensive mistakes? Or are we going to blindly follow the same path, again and again?

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. I was hesitant at first to post something regarding Islam on a defence blog… but I strongly feel that this has a lot to do with what is wrong with the system in place right now. Read through the article (see link below) and the truth becomes inevitably clear – the ‘West’ has enacted laws and practices that are more in accordance with ‘Islam’ than the laws and practices in predominantly Islamic states!


    Islamic Tenets Concerning Business Transactions:

    Keenness to Earn Legitimate (Halal) Earnings
    Trade through Mutual Consent
    Truthfulness in Business Transactions
    Trustworthiness in Business Transactions
    Generosity and Leniency in Business Transactions
    Honouring and fulfilling Business Obligations
    Fair Treatment of Workers

    Prohibited Matters in Business Transactions:

    Dealing in Prohibited (Haram) Items
    Sale of Al-Gharar (Uncertainty, Risks, Speculation)
    Arbitrarily Fixing the Prices
    Hoarding of Foodstuff
    Exploitation of one’s Ignorance of Market Conditions
    Al-Najsh (Trickery)
    Cheating and Fraud in Business Transactions
    Giving Short Measures
    Dealing in Stolen Goods

  2. As you had reveal the leak wire earlier. The “overhead” place on all defence procurement and attitude of the party in the office, pushing the responsibility to the opposition is a barbaric crim act. Its like telling the Malaysians, either you pay the ransom for “protection” or you get rob and then pay the ransom. I fully support the idea to denied the big bills until we sort out a reasonable price tag for them.

  3. If you keep electing thieves, why do you expect not to get robbed? Indeed many enter politics to get their turn at the trough.

  4. The problem is, the malaysian opposition has never been able to put out a credible “shadow parliment” team to counter (or put out a better solution) to what the current gov’t puts out… Just look at all those clowns in the opposition camp.

    Thats why the current gov’t doesn’t think twice to fleece the rakyat over and over again…

    Keluar mulut rimau, masuk mulut buaya dilemma…

    In our case its better to have clowns than the patriot who is corrupt…

  5. I support giving the clowns a try and then we see the difference, then only we can talk whether we really go into the buaya mouths or not.

  6. Lalpk,

    Well first the ”clowns” are going to have to sort out their differences and have a common strategy in running the country before having any dreams of replacing the current occupants of Putrajaya.

  7. Open house here, open house there, and today, our defense minister has confirmed that they have intention to replace the MIG-29 in near future. See Utusan Newspaper for reference. But it’s good that they don’t procure fighters at the moment as I believe that it is not our main priority at the moment.

  8. Syameer,

    Are you missing a plot here? A RFI is expected to be issued this LIMA and the Defence Minister has publicly said that the MRCA programme is on. What he didn’t say is that what other projects will be cancelled… I’m waiting eagerly for a reporter at a PC to ask what happened to the Inderapura replacement which he had previously announced was a national ”priority” but has since faded into the shadows…….

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