Army Senior Officer Relieved of Command

SHAH ALAM: An Army senior officer based in Sarawak has been relieved of command after a police report was lodged against him by a lower ranked officer for alleged assaults. The Army said in a release (see below) that the action was taken to allow a “thorough and transparent investigation into the allegations“.

It further said a board of inquiry has been established to investigate the allegations. It did not say who be will part of the board. It is likely it will be his peers in Sarawak and Sabah.

The Army did not identify the officers involved but the police report alleging the serial assaults has turned viral on social media. Malaysian Defence will not identify the officers involved due to privacy reasons.

The statement by the Army.

The statement was published yesterday but I thought it will be good to have it posted here today as a reminder of past BOIs which results have never been made public.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. If I’m not mistaken there was a details (including image) of the said senior officer somewhere in social media.

  2. I thought the Armed Forces have their own MP and court martials instead of going to the general police?

  3. of course, they do but members of the armed forces can always lodged police report on personal basis even for on-duty issue. For the lower rank officer in this case, even he is in the right, it is likely his career in the Army is over.

  4. That officer should have gotten the boot earlier. That lower ranked staff paid for standing his ground because he wouldn’t be able to get his colleagues to accept his actions for getting his grievance heard outside the army. Assabiyyah Yes, but it’s the army.

  5. Indeed it is not right that he is finished in the army but then no organisation (govt or private) like their dirty laundry aired to public as nobody likes a rat. It is what it is.

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