Eks Satria Gagah and Perkasa Ends…

Two Gempita from 4 KAD moving into the frontline with flares firing on the ground.

SHAH ALAM: Eastern Field Command commander Lt Gen Mohd Sop Lepi officially closed Eks Satria Gagah and Satria Perkasa at a palm oil plantation inLundu, located some 80km by road from Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Satria Perkasa is the field training exercise which is the culmination of the command post exercise Satria Gagah.

The exercise started on March 1 and ended on March 8, the release from 1 Division stated on March 11. The main formation involved in the exercise is units from 3 Briged with assistance from troops from 1 Division. 3 Briged is based in Kem Penrissen in Kuching while 1 Division – which controls the three Army brigades in Sarawak – is now operating from Kem Muara Tuang at Kota Samarahan.

Eastern Field Command CO Lt Jen Sofi Lepi poring over the exercise map with 1 Division GOC Major General Fauzi Khamis. 1 DIV picture.

Six Gempita from 4 Kor Armor DiRaja took part, the first major exercise it had taken part in Sarawak, several months after the unit delivery of the 8X8 armoured vehicles, last year.4 KAD Reloaded.
Soldiers rushing up a hill during the exercise. The signaller is on the left, the middle one carries the M16 with M203 grenade launcher, while the soldier on the right carries a RPG launcher on his back apart from his M4 carbine.

1 Division release on the exercise stated that the Sofi told the soldiers such an exercise was important to show the professionalism of the Army.
OPFOR soldiers preparing for an assault.

Apart from Sofi, 1 Division GOC Mejar Jeneral Mohamed Fauzi Kamis, 9 Briged commander Brigedier Jeneral Ahmad Norzaini Badrun, 31 Briged commander Brigedier Jeneral Kamarulzaman Mohd Yunos and other seniors of the Eastern Field Command were present at the closing ceremony.
Waiting to move. The yellow thing on the muzzle of the M4 is the blank firing adapter.

SARAWAK. Panglima Medan Timur Tentera Darat (PMT TD), Leftenan Jeneral Dato’ Mohd Sofi bin Md Lepi telah menyempurnakan Majlis Penutup Eksesais Satria Gagah dan Satria Perkasa di sekitar Kawasan Am Lundu, Sarawak pada 8 Mac 2024.
Eksesais SATRIA PERKASA merupakan Field Training Exercise (FTX) 3 Briged yang dilaksanakan mulai 1 hingga 8 Mac 2024 adalah kesinambungan daripada pelaksanaan Eksesais SATRIA GAGAH (Command Post Exercise (CPX)) 3 Briged yang telah dilaksanakan pada 16 hingga 21 Februari 2024.
Eksesais ini dikendalikan bersama Markas Divisyen Pertama Infantri Malaysia (MK 1
Divisyen) dimana Pelaku Utama adalah Formasi 3 Briged dibantu oleh Trup Divisyen. Eksesais yang dilaksanakan selama 8 hari ini dilaksanakan bagi menguji keupayaan Formasi 3 Briged dalam Peperangan Konvensional.
Objektif utama eksesais ini adalah untuk menguji keupayaan ketumbukan Formasi 3 Briged pada semua peringkat dalam aturgerak bagi mempertahankan Kawasan Tanggungjawab. Selain itu, eksesais ini juga dapat membangun serta meningkatkan kemahiran individu dan kolektif yang diperlukan untuk mencapai misi sejajar dengan Visi dan Misi Formasi 3 Briged di setiap peringkat pemerintahan. Eksesais ini turut menguji keberkesanan perintah dan kawalan serta pengurusan logistik di peringkat formasi dan pasukan serta dapat meningkatkan kecekapan koordinasi dalam aspek taktikal, mobiliti dan kuasa tembakan pasukan gabungan dalam mewujudkan perancangan aturgerak yang efektif serta efisyen seiring dengan Teras Pertama Perintah Ulung Panglima Tentera Darat Ke-30 iaitu Sumber Manusia: Cakna Etos Kepahlawanan.
Di dalam ucapan majlis penutup tersebut, Panglima Medan Timur Tentera Darat menzahirkan ucapan terima kasih kepada Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak, Pegawai-Pegawai Daerah dan Ketua-Ketua Kampung kerana memberikan kebenaran bagi penggunaan fasiliti serta kemudahan secara langsung
ataupun tidak langsung sepanjang eksesais dilaksanakan. Beliau turut mengucapkan syabas dan tahniah kepada semua anggota Tentera Darat yang terlibat dalam pelaksanaan eksesais ini. Beliau berharap agar semua peringkat pemerintah dapat terus membudayakan latihan yang cekap dan berkesan agar dapat melahirkan anggota tentera yang kompeten dan menyokong sepenuhnya hasrat Tentera Darat yang
menekankan pentingnya keterampilan profesional anggota Tentera Darat.
Secara keseluruhannya, eksesais yang dilaksanakan ini telah memberikan pendedahan ilmu pengetahuan dari aspek Taktik, Teknik dan Prosedur serta pengalaman kepada semua anggota Tentera Darat yang terlibat untuk terus bergerak maju seiring dengan keperluan perkhidmatan. Selain itu,
pelaksanaan eksesais ini juga telah mengukuhkan hubungan silaturahim dan kerjasama Pegawai dan anggota Lain-Lain Pangkat.
Turut hadir dalam majlis penutup ini adalah Panglima Divisyen Pertama Infantri Malaysia,
Mejar Jeneral Datuk Mohamed Fauzi bin Kamis, Panglima Briged Ke-9 Infantri Malaysia, Brigedier Jeneral Ahmad Norzaini bin Badrun, Panglima Briged Ke-31, Brigedier Jeneral Kamarulzaman bin Hj Mohd Yunos dan Pegawai-Pegawai Kanan naungan Pemerintahan Medan Timur Tentera Darat

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. It is telling to see that still some of our troopers are still armed with M16 and have yet transition to M4. This despite the local manufacturing contract was given years ago and even then there exist conversion kits to turn M16 into M4. As usual our defence industry have failed our boys.

  2. The bulk of the force in this exercise is actually commanded by the person now relieved of command.

    Was that unfortunate event stemmed from the CO extreme dissatisfaction of his officers preparation and conduct for this exercise?

    BTW, the army keeps on doing exercises where the “good guy ” is the one that is doing the attack/assault on the defending “bad guy”. We need to do more exercises where the “good guy” is actually the one that needs to do the defending.

    Still on Borneo island, the first few units of Pindad Harimau light tanks are being assigned to Batalyon Kavaleri 13 (YonKav 13) in balikpapan kalimantan.

  3. They usually do a lot of scenarios in these kind of exercises but for the closing ceremonies, it is usually the good guys doing the attack.

  4. Agreed. We should be practising how to prevent an amphibious landing or eliminate an air assault.

  5. The production have been years ongoing, we supposed to have switched over to M4, and yet still we see men with M16. What does that tell you?

  6. M16s that still in use are the one\’s attached with M203 grenade launcher. Even wataniah got M4 nowadays.

  7. Hasnan – “ Agreed. We should be practising how to prevent an amphibious landing or eliminate an air assault”

    If one wants to practice for every conceivable scenario the list would be a very long one.

  8. Not sure why it seems like a new thing or surprise since isn’t this the same arrangement when the Army was using Steyr AUG? No issues really since the M4 and M16 share common parts, use the same ammunition, use the same magazine.

  9. Eastern Field Command HQ will have its own new installation at Batu Kawa, Kuching, dunno when constructions will start tho.

  10. >what does that tell you..

    I dunno, maybe:
    -that in a typical BIS section, there are 6 other people with M4 (and the MG guy with an MG surprisingly enough) and they could afford giving the grenadier a dated M16 with M203?
    -that the grenadier is issued M16-M203 in certain situation and in other situation he’s issued a Milkor MGL alongside the standard issued M4?
    -that our M4 didn’t have picatinny rail and that the M203 attachment that didn’t use picatinny rail (like the ones used by pandura boys) were convoluted enough that the army didn’t see any significant improvement over the old M16-203?
    -that the army are comfortable enough using older equipment? (alongside pack howitzer, M2 carl gustaf, s&w revolver, Bofors 40mm gun just to name a few)

    pick your reason(?)

    >use the same ammo
    Really? afaik the ammo used in M16A1 has lower grain than the ones used in Steyr or M4. M16A2 and all the subsequent AR platform did use thicker barrel after all

  11. Why on earth do we need to do more exercises where the “good guy is defending”? Just because we may have a defensive outlook doesn’t mean we don’t have an “active defence” approach or situation where we only or mainly adopt a defensive or positionalist posture. We can have an overall defensive approach with an element of offence or manoeuvre thrown in and we do.

  12. Since the days of antiquity there has always been an element of offence thrown in an overall defensive approach. Granted we do need to practice defending but we also need to practice how to manoeuvre. It’s not as if we’re operating behind a line of fortifications with no means or even need of active defence or manoeuvre.

    As to practicing against airborne assault it’s not as if we’re back in the days where we need to erect stakes to prevent glider landings or need to flood vast areas. Maybe before we go into what we should or shouldn’t do we need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves in the event of a land threat under what operational conditions would our troops need to fight in and also note that the wars we train to fight may not be the ones we’re actually presented with.

  13. P.S. if anyone of going to raise the prospect of a Marawi situation arising I will say – like I did the last time – that the political and other conditions which enabled Marawi to occur are absent here.

  14. Did/does the army have Smith & Wessons? It had Webleys up until the early 1970’s; which the Browning HP replaced.

    What was the reason behind the AUG not being mated to the M20A3?

  15. … – “ Still on Borneo island, the first few units of Pindad Harimau light tanks are being assigned to Batalyon Kavaleri 13 (YonKav 13) in balikpapan kalimantan”

    Hardly surprising given the poor road infrastructure there. As it stands however there are lots of logging trails along the border including the Tawau area and if logging trail can handle a huge logging lorry it can certainly take a Leo 2.

    For me the interesting point is not where the Harimaus are based but the fact that 2 of the TNI-AD’s UAS squadrons are based on Kalimantan.

  16. @dundun
    “pick your reason(?)”
    Were talking about the M16 here, please stick to the topic. As for the army comfortable to using older stuff, really now? A single fall guy in a squad of newer M4s has to be the ‘chosen one’ to lug an old rifle? Be serious with your reasons.

    All your ‘reasons’ have been flawed. The reality is our Govt procurement has failed to provide enough M4s to all our fighting boys. There shouldnt be a reason why a single fall guy has be the fool to lug an older equipment, and no its because he is ‘comfortable’ to using older stuff. Might as well ask him to wield a Lee Enfield.

    “raise the prospect of a Marawi situation”
    We do have an urban warfare training center but its more tactical than strategic exercises and these dont make an impressive display so its usually not for the media.

  17. We need to practice more defending an objective, not assaulting an objective.

    with batallions/brigades assigned to specific areas (like 3rd Brigade in this exercise is assigned to areas around Kuching), what they could do is for exercise to

    1) block an enemy advance towards Kuching
    2) practice building trenches/bunkers/fortifications at the approaches towards Kuching
    3) practice manufacturing, deploying, using obstacles such as dragoo’s teeth, prefab concrete walls, logs etc. to block enemy approaches.
    4) practice laying mine fields
    5) practice on how to blow up specific bridges in the approaches towards kuching
    5) artillery support of defending objectives
    6) using buildings as concealment to attack enemies in the open (not the usual other way round)
    7) practicing planning and creating ambushes

  18. ”We do have an urban warfare training center”

    The army has been trying to get a FIBUA/MOUT training centre which can accommodate at least a battalion and its combined arms elements. What we currently have are various FIBUA/MOUT training centres which can accommodate a platoon or at most a company. The ideal solution would be for funds to be allocated to acquire an abandoned housing or commercial project or part of it and that’s long been the plan but for funding. One of the largest FIBUA/MOUT training exercises we did with armoured and engineering support was about a decade ago and the media; including Marhalim was there.

    ”but its more tactical than strategic exercises”

    Such training centres will always be at the tactical level and maybe operational but rarely or almost never strategic.

  19. I was told there was a proposal for the Army to purchase that abandoned industrial park for the FIBUA/MOUT. It never went beyond the proposal stage of course. The guys who proposed it have all retired now.

  20. … – ”We need to practice more defending an objective, not assaulting an objective.”

    No we don’t; for the reasons listed. Don’t make it sound like it’s 1940 and we have a Maginot Line to fall back on. You are aware [as was pointed out to you numerous times]
    that having a defensive strategy doesn’t do away with the need for offense and if you have noticed attacking is inherently more difficult than defending and requires a broader range of skill sets. Thus the need to practise maneuver.

  21. … – ”what they could do is for exercise to”

    It might surprise you to know that there are exercise planners who have a pretty good idea what needs doing and what needs refining… As for defending it might also surprise you to know that rarely have decisive results been achieved buy purely defending or adopting a purely positionalist approach without any element of offence or manuever and has been that was defence antiquity. As such any claims that were should ”practice more defending an objective, not assaulting an objective” is spurious …

  22. “acquire an abandoned housing or commercial project”
    Come to outskirts of Selangor there are plenty of abandoned projects that would be well suited. Since these projects are shuttered its not like it will be high valued too pricey to acquire. The main problem is actually legal as most of those developers have closed/dormant so its legally time & money consuming from both parties to reactivate a company so that it can sell/transfer such title to the Govt. It also doubly difficult if the named owners has since passed away and did not will it to others.

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