Joint Special Operations Command

SHAH ALAM: Joint Special Operations Command. Months after the National Special Operations Force (NSOF) was quietly disbanded, the Armed Forces chief Gen.Zulkifli Zainal Abidin today announced that the military will set up a Joint Special Operations Command (JSO) tasked with duties of national and strategic interest.

He did not say when the new command will be stood up and where but it will work together with the Joint Force Headquarters and Armed Forces Headquarters. It is likely the three special forces units in the military – GGK, Paskal and Paskau – will work together under a single command much like NSOF though without the police’s own UTK and MMEA Star team.

NSOF personnel conducting a Hostage Rescue demonstration at the launch of the unit in Oct 27. 2016

The new command will likely come under direct control of the Armed Forces chief instead of the National Security Council like those of NSOF. GGK is likely to lead the command as it is the biggest SF unit in the military though it is likely the chief’s post will be rotated among the units.

Paskal range of HK firearms displayed at the NSOF launch in 2016. The XM8 carbine is the one nearest with the HK417 next to it.

Zulkifli also said 2019 will see the military work to develop its joint-ness capability. He said towards this,the Armed Forces is in the process of creating regional joint command to better integrate the three services in conducting operations.

An exercise called Ex Pahlawan will be held in October to test the joint ness of the three services and the new JSO.

Last October, Malaysian Defence had reported that NSOF was disbanded but the story was made off line following several requests of those involved. People were not keen to confirm the disbandment as the NSOF was launched by the then Prime Minister himself and would like to have the current Prime Minister, who ordered the disbandment, to announce it officially. The story was also reported on Shephard Media so you can see it here. You can also find my story on the disbandment by searching for it on Google.

Some of the firearms of NSOF at the launch ceremony

I apologised to anyone who was offended by my decision to take the story offline but I am not a big media publication which can write anything on the military and still get invited, not only to cover their events but also paid to give pep-talk to military big-wigs themselves.

It is interesting to note that as our comments section are talking about the need for the military to relook of its priorities due to fiscal difficulties they actually want to increase the expenditure further.

–Malaysian Defence

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