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Nimr Ajban Mk2. Nimr

SHAH ALAM: Back in September 2022, it was reported that LTAT – the Armed Forces pensions fund – had signed an MOU with UAE-state owned arms conglomerate, the Edge Group, for collaboration in defence capabilities and solutions.

The MOU signing was the highlight of the visit by the then Defence Minister DS Hishammuddin Hussein to UAE. Bernama reported that

the MoU covers the exploration of opportunities for closer collaboration between LTAT and the EDGE Group in supporting various forms of defence capabilities and solutions as well as identifying potential joint investments in the strategic and defence industries in Malaysia.

“Representing the Malaysian government, I am proud and amazed to see the determination of the UAE government to develop its defence industry to a very encouraging level.

“The signing of the MoU has made my official visit to the UAE very meaningful due to the strong commitment of the Malaysian-UAE governments to empower the Malaysian defence industry,” he said in a statement.

Despite the statement, no further ties were developed as the-then administration called for the general election which in turned led to the current PMX administration. On May 23, as it participated at LIMA 2023, the Edge Group announced that it had signed an agreement with Malaysian-company Ketech Asia Sdn Bhd for the production and resale of Caracal CAR 816 assault rifle in Malaysia.

Three variants of the Caracal CAR 816 with a single CMP-9 submachinegun in the bottom, at the Edge booth at LIMA 2023. Malaysian Defence picture.

Malaysian Defence was told at LIMA 2023 (on the same day, several hours before the release was published) that the Army was planning to replace its Colt M4A1 Carbines with the Edge Caracal CAR 816 assault rifles.
Nimr Ajban Mk 2. Nimr

This week, Malaysian Defence was informed that the 4X4 vehicles manufactured by Nimr – another company under the Edge Group – is likely to be selected to meet an Army requirement dubbed the New Malaysian Light Tactical Vehicle (NMLTV).
Then Defence Minister DS Hishammuddin Hussein checking out a Nimr Ajban 4X4 in the cargo configuration. Mindef

The 4X4 is likely the Nimr Ajban Mk 2 Blast which the company described as a Protected Light Tactical Patrol Vehicle. Nimr said the AJBAN MK2 is a 4×4 ballistic and blast protected light tactical patrol vehicle fora crew of five. This multi-role capacity vehicle is constructed with a V-hull unit structure for effective mine-blast protection and a ballistic-protected rear cargo compartment. Capable of accommodating a roof-mounted self-defence weapon, the vehicle also has full-time four-wheel drive powered by a diesel, water-cooled turbocharged engine. A central tyre inflation system (CTIS) allows tyres to be inflated or deflated to meet terrain
conditions. Modularisation means the entire power pack, including cooling, engine, transmission and
transfer case, can be removed and replaced with rapid turn-around.

NIMR Ajban combat vehicle which was exhibited at DSA 2018.

The original version of Ajban was displayed at DSA 2018. If both projects (NMLTV and Caracal AR) are signed off, the contracts are expected next year. These are among the two projects the new KSU – when he or she is appointed – need to get to the final line next year, among other things of course.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. a few issues to go through

    1) this is pushed by the current flag faction. Next year a new flag will appear. Will this be still relevant?

    2) The current government wants an open Tender. Is the Abjan what Tentera Darat wanted? TD last i heard, prefers the JLTV. The current government is also close to the future new flag. The new flag” takes a very close interest to the army and special forces needs, and has even bought stuff for them from his own pocket.

    3) New rifles is not a priority for Tentera Darat. There are more pressing needs, such as :
    – 155mm SPH
    – ATGM
    – armored, air defence, engineering, bridging units for East Malaysia
    – Medium Lift helicopters (blackhawks)

  2. why not from Oshkosh JLTV 4×4?

    for ur information Mr. Marhalim, one of our defence company, Sovereign Strategic was signing a MOU with Oshkosh to introduce their JLTV to Malasyia army. Besides, they’re also plan to join the LMS tender with cooperation with Vard

    look at their website:

  3. Effort to mend the relationship with the UAE after the 1MDB fiasco and the cold reception to PM9 visit over there. Even used the YDP and our ATM for the purpose.

    Tough….same with the Saudis

  4. @ fazz

    Although the JLTV is invented by Oshkosh, US Army did not just buy the vehicle, but it also includes the intellectual property rights (IP) of the JLTV.

    Next batch of JLTV, US Army has given the contract to AM General, competitor to Oshkosh… So in the future, JLTV will be manufactured by AM General (the creator of HUMVEE). So Mou with Oshkosh would probably mean nothing in the future, in regards to the JLTV.
    On the topic of IP rights, I hope by the government RM1 buy of BNS means that the IP rights of both Gowind and Meko A100 will be transferred to KEMENTAH. This will enable us to give the build contract of future Gowind or Meko A100 (if so wished) to any capable shipyard. I would also prefer the IP rights of Gempita to be owned by KEMENTAH too.
    @ marhalim
    The JLTV technically is a very interesting vehicle to me as a technical person. It has the same level of protection of 20+tons MRAP at just half of that weight. The suspension systems is very advanced, and enable the JLTV to travel at high speed on very rough roads. Almost like World Rally Car levels of suspension travel. The reliability, MTBF, are on other level when compared to other armored vehicles. Then the cost, no way a smaller quantity build can match the performance of the vehicle with the low price. Even the Lipanbara is like 3x the cost of the JLTV.

  5. On the JLTV it will be cheap if we bought it under FMS, if we buy it through a direct commercial deal, it will be the same as the Lipanbara.

  6. Even if TDM want to get JLTV, no matter if its FMS or via agent, it will still be something bought CBU from USA right?
    So there is no economic benefits as it will score very low in the ICP, if it goes into competition with others that promises local assembly and whatnot.

  7. The ICP can be waived or at least reduced if we bought under FMS. Yes, if its an open tender, it will score low on the ICP part.

  8. Separate requirement/contract or the same as condors replacement? The most ideal way for army to replace all their condors? replace all the condors with 4×4 (JLTV,Nimr Ajban,tarantula) or with the mixture of 4x4s and 6x6s?

  9. If ICP score is affected, I believe it won’t sit well with neither the beancounters nor the politicians. Basically its a lose-lose proposition and an inferior vehicle that would score high on ICP (local assembly, small parts manufacturing ie seats, glasses, etc, local servicing, & TOT) will most prolly win the bid if this ever gets to a tender.

  10. Get the Tarantula. Give Mildef some business to bite on for starters. Why go ga-ga over a foreign product that probably will not enjoy local support/ at best just a maintenance support team . Feel true to knock ‘sense’ to this old boy.

  11. As long as it will maximum meet the ICP requirements.

    Some things will never change. Anwar himself said it, will be political suicide even if they wanted to.

  12. People are conflating one type of armored vehicle with another. Tarantula and JLTV is not comparable. Why is JLTV half the weight of a MRAP? I dunno maybe because it’s half the size and crew than your typical MRAP? Similarly Tarantula is a APC whilst JLTV is more of humvee replacement.


    Mind sharing the source where PMX said such?

    I don’t like him but I also don’t quite like putting words into other people’s mouth

  13. @Dundun
    See; “If Anwar Ibrahim says scrap the quota system, we will lose all elections in this country and you will suffer more (if the country is run) by PAS and Bersatu. Understand that,” he said in a dialogue with Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang students here.

    He was responding to a student who had asked if he would scrap the quota system.

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