Launch of NGPC Delayed

A CGI of the NGPC being built by Destini

SHAH ALAM: The launch of the first New Generation Patrol Craft (NGPC) has been delayed. In the previous post, I reported that the ceremony will be held this month. Read Here.

However, I have been informed that it will be delayed indefinitely. There is nothing wrong with the ship, its just they cannot get the VIPs to come for the ceremony next week. As this was supposed to be the launch of the first of the class, Destini Bhd – the shipbuilder and APMM – the client – wanted it to be a grand affair but it was not to be for the moment.

A CGI of the NGPC 2016

I was wary whether they could hold the ceremony when I was first informed of the dates. With various official events already lined up during the dates – the ascension of the King being one – and also of the unpredictable weather – I was worried that the launch ceremony would have to make way for something. That was the reason I chose to be hazy on the launch date and simply stated it as “next month”.

A model of APMM NGPC at Destini Bhd booth durign DSA 2016.

It is likely the launch ceremony will be held in the new year either January or February. Whether or not this will have any affect on the signing of the contract for the three OPVs that APMM is getting is beyond me.

Damen 1800 OPV, selected for the MMEA OPV program

By the way, the RMN has find a way to kept us informed on the latest development on the LCS project. The LCS project is now on Twitter like much of the navy. Its twitter account is @RMN_LCS.

In its post on Nov. 18, the team posted pictures and graphic of the progress of the LCS (see below). The post stated that seven of 18 blocks of the first ship had been fitted on the keel line. As we find out from the Egypt Gowind project, the PSIM block – which holds the radar and other sensors – will only be installed once the ship had been launched.

The progress of the LCS as posted on Nov 18 on Twitter by the RMN LCS team.

Based on the Twitter post, I am guessing that the ship will only be launched by October, next year, if the VIPs could be persuaded to attend the ceremony. I could be wrong of course.

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  1. Bukan ke lebih baik malaysiadefence dlm bahasa melayu?? Dah tentu lebih ramai pengunjung…

    Nak kata aim pengunjung dari negara2 barat..xde plak puak2 diorang tu singgah ke sini…


    Memang aneh…

  2. At last, a comm line for LCS.

    Okay NGPC no.1, you can be launch-delay but don’t use the delay to extent launch schedules for remaining NGPCs.

    I think Destini also wants to launch the ship ASAP so they can show that it is a capable shipyard.

  3. Damn politician. Always busy.. btw Marhalim what happened to ur article on the lgb carried by our Sukhois??

  4. They’re not gonna invite just some random MPs or Excos. I bet they gonna invite either Hisham, Zahid or even PM Najib himself (prolly Najib since MMEA is under PM department)

    On unrelated note, Somalia maritime enforcement agency is getting Damen Sea Axe. Why is a bankrupt country could afford to choose more modern design than us?

    They just bought based on the promise of the builder. Our guys are more conservative especially the ones from the navy and ex-navy

  5. Choon,

    A possibility is that funding came externally. Somalia receives quite a bit of foreign funding to beef up its law enforcement agencies. Also being a more ”modern” design doesn’t mean a ship is better suited for a particular job.

  6. @azlan

    So you’re saying that modern ship is no better than WW2 ship? What kind of logic is that?

  7. Choon,

    Don’t jump to conclusions before understanding what I meant.

    I’m saying that the Sea Axe – just because it’s more modern or is a newer design – doesn’t necessarily has to be better than an older design or that it better suits the operational requirements of the end user….. Now you get the ”logic”? Also, what’s ”better” for some, may not suit the requirements of others – having said that I have no idea why the MMEA didn’t select Sea Axe [maybe the decision was largely made by the local contractor or for other reasons] but just because the MMEA selected an older design doesn’t mean the ship can’t do the job or that it’s inferior.

    Since you brought up WW2 ships, actually in some areas WW2 ships are better compared to current ships in certain areas : some had armoured keels and by and large had thicker hulls and superstructures.

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