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SHAH ALAM: Moving on. RMAF is continuing the procurement process of the three assets that have been approved and funded by the government, says its newly promoted Chief of Air Force, General Ackbal Abdul Samad.

Speaking to the media shortly after his promotion, Ackbal said the assets namely the maritime patrol aircraft (MPA), medium altitude, long endurance (MALE) UAV and ground based air surveillance radars were currently under various procurement process from finalising the specifications and the preparation of the tender process.

I’ve got control, Gen Ackbal Abdul Samad taking the reins of RMAF from General Affendi Buang at the change of command ceremony on January 3, 2020.

He did not identify the exact process of the three assets. Based on previous statements one can assumed that the MPA and MALE UAV will not be in the stage of being ready for a tender processs yet as both are supposed to be funded in the next RMK, starting in 2021. So thats left only the ground based air surveillance radar at the stage of being tendered out.
General Ackbal Abdul Samad and designated deputy Lt. Gen Ashgar Goriman at their first media conference

As for its long term plan, Ackbal said RMAF will continue with its Cap 55 plan and other initiatives set out by his predecessor, General Affendi Buang. He said the service’s long term planning was necessary as RMAF assets were capital extensive and need long lead time.
MQ-9B Sea Guardian

Asked on his deputy’s appointment, Ackbal said Leiutenant General Ashgar Goriman will be promoted as the Deputy Chief of RMAF on January 7. The designated Air Operations Commander Mejar General MUhammad Salleh Osman will be promoted to the post on January 13. He said another 10 RMAF personnel will be promoted during the next few weeks apart of the change over of the top of leadership of the RMAF.
AN/TP-77 long range surveillance radar. Lockheed Martin.

Do note that the LCA was not mentioned in the PC as you are aware the LCA has yet to be approved and funded by the government.

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