Firing Trials on KM Bagan Datuk

KM Bagan Datuk with a RMN CB90 at LIMA 17 opening ceremony.

SHAH ALAM: The Malaysian Coast Guard has started firing trials of the Aselsan SMASH 30mm remote weapon station on the first NGPC, KM Bagan Datuk. The firing trials are conducted off Lumut, near to the MMEA Kampung Acheh jetty.

The ship fired in single and burst modes at a seaborne target that the ship’s crew had prepared and set adrift for the trials.

The firing trials are part of the first NGPC’s work up towards full operational capability. Previously, the ship also conducted the trials of the Thales Fulmar mini-UAV shortly after returning from LIMA 17, where she was displayed at the fleet review.

KM Bagan Datok

Bagan Datuk was not equipped with the 30mm RWS at LIMA 17 so it is likely that she was fitted with the gun after she got back to the Kampung Acheh jetty. It is likely that the MMEA’s station at Kampung Acheh is also the agency’s ordnance department where vessels are outfitted with weapons and where firing trials are conducted.

A video of the firing trial was uploaded to the MMEA Facebook page. It could be accessed here

At LIMA 17, KM Perwira, one of the two ex-Bay class patrol boats, was seen fitted with a RWS. It looked to be too small to be a 30mm gun, most likely a 20mm of an unknown make.

KM Perwira at LIMA 17, note the gun on the bow.

In my interview with the MMEA DG at DSA 16, he had said that they had decided to cancel a tender to buy six 30mm RWS which was supposed to be fitted on Perwira and KM Satria and other unarmed patrol boats.

The money he said will be used to buy weapons for patrol boats stationed at ESSCOM AOR, instead.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Great news but the 30mm gun is still an overkill for me. The 20mm Vulcan stabilize‚Äč gun IMO is more suitable for this.

    R2D2 will be too big

  2. Meh,

    For the constabulary type roles the MMEA performs a Vulcan might be too small or not suitable when it comes to firing a shot across the bow, firing at a target to disable but not to destroy it, etc. A Vulcan also has a too high rate of fire for what the MMEA needs.

  3. @… and @Azlan

    30mm is packs more punch and more penetration than 20mm. Any fishing boat and smuggling ship will slowly sink if got hit by that. I prefer salvaging the boat like what the Indonesian done. Strip the equipment and gather all the illegal fishing boat into one place and start a shooting rampage with Vulcan high rate of fire.

    I do not think anyone has fired against illegal fishing boats in a while now. Most will stop when challenged.

  4. Meh,

    Then you’re saying that the MMEA can act unprofessionally like monkeys playing guns? What Indonesian does doesn’t dictate us to follow the same suit.

    I don’t care whether its 30 or 20 but taking such action doesn’t mirror MMEA’s professionalism and roles at all.

  5. Meh,

    When the day comes when the MMEA needs a weapon to engage low flying aircraft and missiles then it can consider the Vulcan but that day hasn’t come. As a constabulary type organisation the MMEA needs a weapon for self defence and the ability to fire shots that will stop but not damage a target as well as firing shots across the bow; obviously one can’t do that with a Vulcan. A 20/30mm auto cannon is a much more precise weapon than a Vulcan which has a too high rate of fire.

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