Work on First OPV Starts

SHAH ALAM: Work on First MMEA OPV Starts. The keel for the first of class MMEA OPV was laid at the THHE Destini shipyard at Pulau Indah, Kelang today. The three class ships are based on the Damen 1800 OPV design.


The first of class is expected to be ready for delivery by February, 2020, says the APMM news update. The second in May and August, the same year says the report. You can view the report below

The 83 metre vessels with 70 crew members will have an endurance of 21 days. It can also accommodate 20 passengers.

Aselsan SMASH 30mm gun

As reported previously, the OPVs will be armed with the Aselsan 30mm RWS the same guns fitted on the NGPC.

Thales Fulmar X mini-UAV

The OPV will also be equipped with an UAV though MMEA has yet to determine the make. The Thales Fulmar mini-UAV was selected for the NGPC.

NGPC at Destination Marine jetty at Port Klang on July 31, 2017. Left is 4542, KM Bagan Datuk and partly hidden is 4543.

Although the original Damen 1800 OPV design has a hangar for a helicopter, the MMEA OPV will not be equipped most likely it has more crew (70). The original design has a crew of 46 only.

Damen 1800 OPV.

By comparing the CGI of the MMEA OPV to the Damen one, we could see that some modifications were also made especially the location of the RHIB. On the original design, the RHIB is located aft below the helicopter deck, and very near to the waterline.

A CGI of the Damen 1800 OPV. Note the location of the RHIB.

The model build for MMEA however looked more closer to the Damen OPV design, however. I guess we have to wait until the ships are delivered before we can make the final judgement.

A model of the MMEA OPV at the launch ceremony.

–Malaysian Defence

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