Still Looking For MECU

SHAH ALAM: Still looking for MECU. Earlier this year, I wrote that the RMAF has yet to conclude its search for a new the Multi Engine Conversion Unit (MECU) aircraft. I wrote then that RMAF was talking with the Finance Ministry regarding the contract. Some ten days ago the Defence Ministry issued a tender for bids for the MECU.

From the tender specifications.


Petender perlu masukkan harga per jam
MECU General Requirement. 1. Multi engine general flying and emergencies handling. 2. Instrument flying inclusive of Standard Instrument Departures Procedures (SIDs) and Standard Arrival Procedures (STARs). 3. Route navigation and airways flying inclusive of Flight Information Region (FIRs) crossing. 4. Advance Cockpit Management such as Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS), Flight Management System (FMS) and Crew Resource Management (CRM).
Staff Flying General Requirement. 1. Single pilot certified.
SMC General Requirement. 1. Standard cabin interior configuration and facilities for passenger carrier, minimum of four (4) passengers.

Tender MECU
One of the two Super King Airs used by RMAF for conversion training, shortly after its arrival in Malaysia in 2013 still wearing its US registration number. Aerotree

The tender was published on May 19 and closes on June 23 while the validity of the tender is until March 20, 2021. The new advertisement meant that the RMAF had not find a bidder that meet its financial requirements. I had posted last year that RMAF was looking for a new MECU coontract since last year after it earlier agreement with Aerotree Sdn Bhd lapsed around two years ago.

I had planned to write about the latest tender but Raya came in the way.

–Malaysian Defence

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