Still Looking For MECU

SHAH ALAM: Still looking for MECU. Earlier this year, I wrote that the RMAF has yet to conclude its search for a new the Multi Engine Conversion Unit (MECU) aircraft. I wrote then that RMAF was talking with the Finance Ministry regarding the contract. Some ten days ago the Defence […]

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MECU is still up in the air

SHAH ALAM: MECU is still up in the air. Last July, I wrote that the tender for MECU, the Multi Engine Conversion Unit, aircraft was published by the Defence Ministry. It appears until today, the tender has yet to be sorted out, meaning that a bidder has not been selected […]

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Tender for MECU

SHAH ALAM: Tender for MECU, multi engine, aircrew conversion aircraft. The Defence Ministry has issued a tender for multi engine, conversion unit (MECU) aircraft for pilot training on behalf of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). The tender was published on July 5, 2019 and ends on Aug. 1. 2019. […]