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KUALA LUMPUR: If you are a regular reader of Malaysian Defence, you would have noticed that I have not updated the ORBAT series. If you are newbie scroll down on the archives column

I know I need to finish the Malaysian Army ORBAT to complete the series but have since realised that unlike the junior services, I need to take a longer look for the senior service.

It is for that reason, I have decided to break the Malaysian Army ORBAT in two parts. The first is the list of equipment much like the RMAF and RMN Orbats while the second one is a detailed look of the Brigade of the Future (BTF).

BTF is how Malaysian Defence believes the Army should be organised as combat ready units. I will elaborate on BTF in future blogs.

Malaysian Army ORBAT

1) Light Tanks equipped with 120mm cannons.

CV12o Tank offered for the Malaysian tank requirement five years ago. We opt for the PT-90M

2) Mine resistant 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 trucks as personnel carrier; weapon carriers (guns, anti-tank and SAM; combat engineering; logistics and EOD.

3) Truck mounted 155mm howitzers

4) MLRS with guided munitions

5) Truck mounted SSM/SAM for theatre wide air and surface defence

Aster SAMP-30.

6) Medium helicopters for transport

7) Light helicopters for transport and reconnaissance

8) Attack helicopters for battlefield interdiction;

9) Tactical UAVs for reconnaissance, SIGINT and attack

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