DSA 2022 Show Preview

PAL Aerospace/De Havilland Dash 8 400 P-4 MPA. PAL Aerospace.

SHAH ALAM: DSA 2022 show preview. The 17th edition of the Defence Services Asia (DSA2022) exhibition starts tomorrow at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre(MITAC), Kuala Lumpur. Over 1,170 companies from 54 countries will be participating in DSA2022 to “showcase the latest and most sophisticated assets and electronics!”according to the organisers.

Local companies
Among the companies taking part will be MBDA, Nexter, BAE Systems and also various local companies. One of the local companies – Cendana Auto Sdn Bhd, will be showcasing the four vehicles it will be supplying to the Malaysian Army. The vehicles include the Fitted For Radio, Special Operation Vehicle, Mortar Transporter and the Weapons Vehicle. This will be the second time the company is taking part in the DSA series of exhibition.

Cendana Auto Mortar Carrier. DM

PAL Aerospace which is offering the Dash 8 400 P-4 MPA for the RMAF MPA requirement is also taking part in DSA2022. PAL Aerospace teamed up with De Havilland Canada for the bid which is expected to be decided by the Finance Ministry soon as RMAF had stated that the MPA squadron (slated to be No. 16 Squadron) was expected to start operating them in 2024.
The business end of the PAL Aerospace/De Havilland Dash 8 400 P-4 MPA. PAL Aerospace

4X4 tender
It is also likely that the winner of the Unifil 4X4 tender – the Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin – will also be taking part in the show. So far it is unclear whether the vehicle will be shown in the white UN colours or the Army standard digital camouflage as shown back in 2018.
Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin 4X4 armoured displayed at the Deftech booth at DSA 2018. The vehicle is now being offered by NADI Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Mildef Technologies, the builder the Tarantula 4X4 HMAV is scheduled to unveil a successor to the vehicle and also a light reconnaissance vehicle as well at the show.
The still covered Mildef light scout vehicle/combat buggy at its stand today (March 27, 2022). Note the Adnan behind it.

The company will also unveil the Adnan Gen. 2 POC which the company is competing with Deftech. FNSS will be the partner for either company is selected.
Ismail Sabri putting the name of Tarantula on the HMAV. MAF picture

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, Malaysian Defence will not be able to take part physically in the show and will cover it virtually.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Wow, never knew the 4×4 Unifil tender already has a winner. I thought the program wass stalled

  2. Hopefully the rumor of cancelling the tender of the MPA due to cash reasons previously pointed out by commenters isn’t true. One could say PH is kedekut but BN2.0 seem to be the same. Hopefully some good announcement come out from this year’s DSA. Gladly BNS is not attending.

  3. So, the official name of the Cendana Auto made vehicle is KPS-ARTAC. Just seen the post about that vehicle on FB.

    Beside from recon vehicle, what is the another one vehicle that will launched by Mildef? Is that 6×6?

  4. It seems like Mildef and Cendana Auto which is new player in Malaysian defence industry can affect the DefTech monopoly in this sector. I wonder will this give benefit to the our government and armed force.

  5. Got my pass to attend but in view of the many foreign attendees & also locals, I will give this round a miss and go for the next one. Just too high risk of getting Covid even if all the precautions are taken. Considering TDM’s next big buy are likely 6X6 APC, there might be prospects of seeing a few more of these makers around perhaps with their products on display.

  6. Of the many booths this year, personally I would have a good look at what Azerbaijan has to offer.

    Especially the license built Azad Systems Iti Qovan (dog chaser) suicide drone, based on the israeli Orbiter K-1/Orbiter 2.

    Also shown at the Azerbaijani booth is the Azad Systems Zabra UAV, based on israeli Orbiter 3.

    We need to buy some of these, at least for trials.

  7. @Rock
    Since the last round of prime movers tendering, it is indicative that DEFTECH has lost their sure wins with the Govt. Previously these were automatically direct awarded(or closed tender?) to DEFTECH for Handalan trucks but of recent they had open tender to bidders, the same for Ejder Yalcin which went to Nadi, the Condor refurb project was not taken up likely due to exorbitant asking price.

    Unlikely we will consider Israeli equipment, licensed built or otherwise. You would stand a better chance at removing that disclaimer from your passport front page than that.

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