Brazil Buys 50 Cougars

KUALA LUMPUR: Brazil on Tuesday (Dec 23) signed a defence pact with France which analyst estimates to be around 6 to 8 billion Euros which include the purchase and local manufacture of the EC-725 Cougar and four SSKs, most probably a more advance Scorpene.

The cost of the Cougars was not released but Reuters cited analysts as saying the contract is worth at least 1.9 billion Euros, which I translated into RM182 million for each helicopter. If this is correct, the amount is about RM30 million more expensive than the price quoted for our Nuri Replacement Programme although our numbers are far more smaller than the Brazilian buy.

Will it be the same price for us if we delayed the procurement of the Cougar within the next two years? It may be the case. The Brazilian Cougars will be manufactured by Eurocopter in the South American country with its local helo builder, Helibras, which may account for the higher unit price.

It seems that the Cougar had turned the corner following our initial intention to purchase the medium-lift helicopter. Although Brazil was reported late last month to be ready to procure the Mi-17s from Russia, the latest events seemed to vindicate MINDEF decision to procure the Cougar for the NRP although the tender process could have been done in a more judicious way so as not to attract controversies.

From Eurocopter website.
“Following the EU-Brazil summit, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil officially announced the contract for 50 EC725 helicopters which has been signed by the Brazilian government and a consortium formed by Eurocopter and Helibras. The helicopters will be operated by Brazil’s armed forces and the first deliveries are scheduled for 2010. This is the largest contract ever signed in South America and will provide Brazil with a fleet that is capable of performing an extremely wide range of missions. The contract will also allow Eurocopter to continue its expansion in South America.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. the negative side of internet….nobody check the source,where the information is coming.we just accept the information as it is….Bresil bought cheaper than us???&%^%^&^%?? now what happened….at least Bresil will get their new chopper in 2010….lessons learned in this Eurocopter Saga….what about the Indian helicopters claims cheaper than us???..

    Marhalim: Its the other way around, our Cougars are supposed to be cheaper than Brazil, theirs is more expensive because of the need to reset the factory with new tooling for the new helicopter. On the Indian issue, I am not sure what are you are talking about. They are getting the EH101s for the VVIP flight, if its cheaper maybe because of the numbers and the helicopters are being build in Italy. BTW, the Canadians which bought the civil version of the 101 have since realised the cost of maintaining these three engine helicopters are high. Furthermore, the Canadians recently floated a tender for medium helicopters which will cost them around USD1.2 billion. They has also allocated another USD1 billion for 20 years life support for these helicopters.

    Whatever helicopter we choose in the end, we must also be prepare to pay the same amount for the thorough life support of the helicopters, something which we always failed to do in the last 30 years and continue to do so…..

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