The Joneses…RSN First Invincible Class Submarine

Impeccable coming into RSS Singapura, Changi Naval base. Singapore MINDEF.

SHAH ALAM: Singapore has formally taken delivery of its first Invincible class submarine, Impeccable, at RSS Singapura – the Changi Naval base on July 20. Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Sean Wat, senior RSN officers and submariners were present to witness the ceremony, a release from Singapore Defence Ministry said.

The release:

Launched in Kiel, Germany on 13 Dec 2022, Impeccable is one of four Invincible-class submarines designed for operations in Singapore’s shallow and busy tropical waters. Custom-built for Singapore’s needs, these submarines possess state-of-the-art capabilities, including high levels of automation, significant payload capacity, enhanced underwater endurance, and ergonomics optimised for the Asian physique. Their induction into the RSN will further enhance its capability to safeguard Singapore and protect its vital sea lines of communication.

Impeccable will be undergoing a series of local sea trials and workup towards full operationalisation. Invincible remains in Germany to support the training of RSN submariners, while the last two submarines are progressing well in their project development in Germany.

As you are aware, Impeccable arrived in Singapore on July 8 after undertaking the journey from Germany onboard a chartered heavy load carrier.

According to Defence News

Invincible-class subs measure 230 feet and displace 2,200 tons when submerged. The boats feature air-independent propulsion systems and have an X-rudder configuration similar to the ThyssenKrupp-made Type 212 design for better maneuverability in shallow, congested waters.

The Impeccable will subsequently undergo a series of local sea trials to reach full operational capability with the Republic of Singapore Navy. The lead boat of the class, the Invincible, remains in Germany to support the training of Singaporean submariners.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Funny that the first to arrive is not the nameship of class. Also that they didn’t try to sail her all the back home.

  2. If it is state of the art it can be good in one category which is stealth. Mobility is significantly reduced. So these class of subs have a specific task.

  3. “Funny that the first to arrive is not the nameship of class. Also that they didn’t try to sail her all the back home.

    Hardly. Isn’t unheard of for the first ship/boat to be delivered to not be the lead ship of the class. As for getting her home; some navies would want to avoid associated wear and tear [note what happened to the Perdanas in the Indian Ocean and why we sailed the Kedahs back but decklifted the Sabahs and Keris] ; whilst others would sail then back to give crews the needed experience and identify any issues

    Qamarul – “If it is state of the art it can be good in one category which is stealth”

    No idea about the “stealth” part but the class does have various means in place to reduce acoustic and IR signature.

    Also do you actually understand what “state of art” means?

    Qamarul – “Mobility is significantly reduced”

    How on earth did you reach that erroneous conclusion?

    Qamarul – “these class of subs have a specific task”

    No. Unless it’s a SSBN or SSGN it will not have a “specific task”. It’s task will be a litany of roles and n support of national service interests; whether sea denial; ELINT or anything else

  4. Basically, it is a TKMS type 214 with one or some additional features. I don’t know maybe i doubt if it has the same hull as 212 whose hull was made very special to reduce accoustic signature but this kind of feature is not for export.
    So, this type 218SG could be added something to imitate the original 212 hull type.
    I will not surprise if the additional means are made by israeli.

  5. “Isn’t unheard of, yes, but isn’t common either.”

    “Isn’t unheard of” by default would mean exactly that but not “common” … Whilst the first ship/boat to be launched is almost always the lead ship/boat of the class; it can be different with regards to the first ship/boat actually handed over or to physically make it home.,

    Romeo – “Basically, it is a TKMS type 214 with one or some additional features”

    It would guess that the “additional features” also includes non penetrating masts; RAM coating on masts and the sail; etc.

  6. Based on information, the 218SG is a heavily modified 214 design which is the export variant of the 212, and incorporates elements from the 216 concept. 218SG looks more like using the core physical design of the 214 (o 21X series), increasing the size, and revamping a lot of the internals, and electronics. The biggest physical change seem to be the inclusion of the HMPL system and the ability to integrate VMPL system. The lock system is not part of the 214 design but is part of the larger 216 concept. The horizonal lock system likely meant for underwater deployment of forces and equipment – for misions such as tapping communication cables, sabotage, and special forces delivery. But the future vertical lock system seems likely for future integration of cruise missiles.

  7. Kel,

    Discover the use of paragraphs. Makes it’s easier for others to digest rather than a large blob ….

    In short the 218 corporates various technologies in line with being a contemporary sub design and in line with the RSN’s requirements. It’s also a boat configured for littoral ops as opposed to a boat intended for blue water ops; i.e. Kilo, Collins, Upholder, Oberon, etc.

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