Look At What Our Neighbour is Buying…

KUALA LUMPUR: Just reading the list made me salivate…………Singapore purchasing major defense equipment and associated equipment and services, valued at US$962 million.

AmraaM C7s! JDAMs and JSOWs and X Sidewinders! All of this after the 100 plus Lightning IIs.

Talk about over the top! And here we are talking about buying Cougars and Eireyes….

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. They’re just upgrades for the F-16 fleet. Upgrades we should be looking at for our Bugs.

    But they actually have money rather than having ti vanish into pockets.

    Marhalim: The ordnance may well also meant for the Strike Eagles. True, they got the dough and more importantly, wise heads to oversee it is well spent…

  2. Did they get the JHMCS for the Vipers?


    Marhalim: Its not the JHMCS, I believe its the Israeli version…DASH

  3. That looks like pretty standard mix of ordnance for a modern defence force. JDAM have been around with most modern defence force around the world and nothing advance about it.

    Singapore defence industry and research is much more advance than Malaysia and that is what Malaysia should be building it capability on instead of buying outdated stuff from overseas.

    # PRIMUS – Self Propelled Howitzer
    # Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle (An upgrade of the Bionix AFV)
    # MATADOR – Unguided Short Range Anti-Armour Weapon
    # PEGASUS – Light Weight Howitzer
    # SAR 21 – Singapore Assault Rifle
    # Formidable-Class Stealth Frigate

    It should also be remembered that while having all these weapons are “nice” but ground forces are still required inorder to hold ground and defeat the enemy. Force multiplier will introduce a better punch to your ground force and that is what Singapore is only doing. We should look to do the same.

  4. Ahh..same difference.

    The RSAF has a high degree of commonality in aerial munitions, unlike the RMAF thanks to our decision to mix and match US, UK and Russian equipments.

    The benefits of taking a long term view to force development rather than the haphazard opportunistic model we are so fond of in Malaysia. Plus the cost of swaggering on the international stage and thumbing our noses at our long term security partners, I guess. Yep. looking good to the likes of Zimbabwe and other nations of the South, Good thing we have terms for all this….”Shiok sendiri” and “Jaguh Kampung”.

    We are so far behind the curve with our southern neighbour that we really should just stop trying to play the game. Not only can we not match their money, we get a lot less for what we spend thanks to ‘systemic losses’. It’s like getting into a dick measuring contest with John Holmes… If you don’t insist on doing it, you won’t feel inadequate at all!

    All that zoomie stuff is so expensive and of such limited utility.


  5. One cannot compare the procurement with Malaysia of course. If any indication of the importance of the planned purchase, one has to compare what the Aussie are buying for their Suoer Bugs. The Aussies are only getting the 9X Sidewinders, JHMCs, targeting pods and JSOWs.

    The Singaporean procurement is now the gold standard for an American ally. I believe even the Israelis would be in awe of the planned purchase.

    The C7 Amraam is equipped with GPS and data link and can be re-targeted after firing. It is the latest version of the AMRAAM, currently only operational with the USAF. This means that they can fly around Changi and maintain a 360 degree defence of the island.

    In essence, what they are doing is preparing the field for the fielding of the F35 circa 2015. So when the planes are delivered, they will already be ready to fight.

  6. If I am not mistake, in 2007 it was reported by the US Senate committee that israel placed an order for 200 AIM-120C-7 and was waiting for Congress approval.

    South Korea is also buying C7 along with their F15K this year.

    AIM-120D is the replacement for the US Navy F14 AIM-54 Phoenix and have just enter full production. The C-7 version is nothing new.

    The Aussies are buying the Suoer Bugs at the same time they are talking to US about buy the F-22 raptors. The Suoer Bugs are suppose to fill-in the gap left by the F-111 when it retires in 2010 but in my opinion will not be able to fulfill the role of the F-111. It is only a temp solution to their requirements. The Aussies have not full committed to buy the F-35 either. There have been reports that Australia might change the 100 F-35A to a mix of F-35A and B version as Australia have just brought 2 Canberra class ship (with the option of a 3rd one) which is 20,000 tonnes each.

    It would not make sense at this point for Australia to start buy C7 when they have not fully decided on aircraft purchases and there are reports that they might just purchase the D version.

  7. Malaysia totally lags behind in every major areas of defence capability than Singapore and I wouldn’t be mistaken, Thailand is also doing its little part to pass Malaysia at any time now given their purchase of Gripen. But both countries are as nowhere near to the might of the Singaporean. I really envy them. They way they build their defence, especially their air force. Very professional in deed. WHY cant we have something like professionalism here in Malaysia. Why is it everyone is trying to aim for pocket money here and give lip products to Malaysia. What would happen when war breaks out. We will lose ma…Singapore may well take over Johor..or even Malacca and southen part of Pahang.

  8. If i was the Defence Minister for Malaysia, may shopping list for Malaysia would be:

    1. Eurofighter Typhoon (Air Superiority)36
    2. Saab Gripen NG (Multirole)72
    3. Lockheed F-16D (Multirole Strike)72
    4. Boeing Apache Attach Helicopters
    5. AW101 Helicopter
    6. EH101 Merlin
    7. A109 Scout
    8. PC-9 trainer
    9. BAe Systems Hawk 100

    Marhalim: we dont have the money to fund such a lavish purchase…

  9. Well Daniel, that’s too ambitious. The Typhoon is well known for its price tag that are really expensive if I’m not mistaken USD 120 million (appx. 2008 price) and is not suitable for us. Meanwhile, the Gripen maybe suitable for us to operate but I don’t think our air force will favour this aircraft since all this while we only procure 2-engines fighter aircraft only except for the Hawk and with the recent development that show Malaysia is really eager to procure the Super Hornet although they are well informed that no fund will be allocated for such not-so important project in near future.

    I don’t understand why people always see Singapore as a threat to Malaysia…? Our real threat is those pirate and anything that threaten our national interest like the disputed Spratly Island.

  10. Seriously, Singaporeans do not see Malaysia as a threat as far as threats go. My feeling is that more Malaysians see Singapore as a threat than Singaporeans are concerned about Malaysia. I think it is politics in origin with ostensibly “Chinese” Singapore being a convenient bogeyman for politicians.

    On the other hand, Singaporeans are more exposed to globalization and in fact, feel the latter’s impact daily. So, their basket of worries is really diverse and wide-ranging. Not to mention, Singapore does not compete directly with Malaysia but Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, etc.

    Most Singaporeans would find the idea of threatening neighbouring countries simply a waste of time when they already have enough issues keeping up with the joneses at home.

    Admittedly, the SAF will make their due purchases and plans to prepare for any contigencies. If you look at recent purchases, the latter is not directed at immediate neighbours per se; stealth frigates, submarines, F15SG, aerial tankers, etc.

  11. We just need to use what we already have as efficiently as possible. Arm them with the best missiles and avionics possible. I know we will always come up short when compared with S’pore but in reality, our Airforce and Navy actually looks quite good on paper. Not many countries fly the Su 30s, Mig 29s and F/A18Ds at the same time (even though the numbers are small). If we can maintain and protect all our ships and planes well, esp the planes with at least a modicum of hardened shelter, we stand a good chance with any enemy in the region. And train and train and train with other good and capable air forces in bilateral exercises. I think our soldiers, airmen and sailors will be more than capable of defending Malaysia.

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