More Reading Materials for the Defence “Industry” Minister

KUALA LUMPUR: Reading the Bernama story and hoping the reporter got the right story, it appears that Jalan Padang Tembak is not going anywhere fast.

Where else in the world where its the defence industry that seemed to have a choke hold on the military especially one with a budget so tight, that their Sunday is showing?

Again its the defence industry that seemed to garner the most attention from the ministry’s big wigs instead of the Armed Forces. We might as well call the ministry Kementerian Industri Pertahanan or Defence Industry Ministry instead.

Bernama story:
Malaysia to Propose Asean Defence Industry Council

While Malaysian Defence understand the need to protect our nascent Defence Industry in these hard times, the armed forces needs and requirements must come first and not the other way around. I fear that in the hast to protect the industry, the needs and requirements of the armed forces will be left on the floor as had happened in recent times and on various occasions.

I sincerely hope the Minister will take a look at these reading materials from Australia to understand how one of our FPDA ally is using its military plans to strengthen its industry through its 2009 Defence Capability Plan (DCP). We have failed so many times before its time to stop burying our heads in the sand.

“The Public DCP 2009 builds upon the Government’s commitment to keep industry abreast of Defence’s acquisition planning so that it can effectively perform its role as a crucial component of our national Defence capability.The DCP is a tool to allow industry to undertake strategic planning. Providing a public version of the DCP to Australian industry is a key part of ensuring that the ADF will continue to have the major equipment and systems it needs.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Brilliant..we can buy ST Broncos, Matadors, Ultimax, Pegasus howitzers, grenade launchers etc and Pindad rifles, Pindad APCs, transport planes.

    We can sell them….sorry, cant think of any.

    Marhalim: You forget one thing, with such a long list of things to buy, one can easily become the local agents…..

  2. Apa itu ST Bronco? We will Malaysianize it and call it the Kuda Liar. Much like Naza imports the Geely “Sutera” and calls it a Malaysian Car.

    Malaysia….memang boleh tipu sendiri.

    Malaysia does in fact export some ammunition to our ASEAN neighbours but really isn’t interested in the export market at all….too much like hard work lah.

  3. exactly sir marhalim, exactly…its what the new economic model is all about

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