Singapore Defence Industry Got A Boost.

KUALA LUMPUR: While we are still talking about making local defence products, our southern neighbour made an important breakthrough in the international defence market. And its the UK Armed Forces this time around, not a country desperate for arms. Thirty years ago it was the Singaporeans who were buying British arms and now its other way around…

From Bronco to Warthog
ST Kinetics Awarded £150m for Delivery of over 100 (edited to correct figure) Bronco Armored All Terrain Tracked Carriers to Replace the British Forces’ Viking All-Terrain Vehicles in Afghanistan

Earlier this month (December 08) the British MoD selected the Bronco for its ‘Warthog’ all terrain vehicle, replacing 108 Swedish made BvS10 Viking currently in service with the Royal Marines and British Army. The vehicles are fulfilling a capability gap addressed by Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) stated by the units in Afghanistan.

The Viking, a 14.2 ton gross vehicle weight (GVW) troop carrier is configured to carry a payload of 6 tons or 12 soldiers. It was originally selected for the Royal Marines for its multi-role, all terrain, rapid deployment operational capability as a lightly armored vehicle capable of operating in jungle, desert and arctic conditions.

Despite their versatility, the Afghan arena proved too tough for the Vikings. While the vehicles effectively negotiated the terrain and provided limited protection against light threats, additional armor protection required to protect from the heavier threats typical to the Afghan conditions severely limited their operational capability and necessitated rapid replacement. Consequently, MoD was seeking a heavier, better protected vehicle to maintain the high level of mobility and operational flexibility without compromising protection.

Bronco with 18 ton GVW was selected for this role, not only for the added payload capability (which translates to capability to carry heavier armor) but also since its the curb already includes integral armor. Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) was awarded a contract of about £150m (about S$330m) for the acquisition. The vehicle deliveries will commence in third quarter 2009, with the majority to be delivered in 2010. Four Warthog variants will be built under the contract – Troop Carrier, Ambulance, Command, and Repair & Recovery. ST Kinetics is Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) land systems arm.

Some 600 Bronco ATTCs are already operational with the Singapore Army. The Bronco’s articulated design delivers exceptional mobility across a wide range of terrain and climate. The basic vehicle is delivered with an armor protection which could be augmented to meet MoD requirements, primarily to increase protection against roadside bombs. Bronco will also deliver considerable increases in range, payload and internal capacity over incumbent vehicles currently being used in Afghanistan.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Congratulations to Singapore! Even the mere thought that a major Western nation could order the Deftech AV4 makes me laugh to death.

    Malaysia has a long way to go.

  2. much as we would love to have a thousand broncos running loose in Afghan, the numebr is actually 100 😉

  3. made our own weapon must be hi tech and up todate.. it need R&D..
    R&D need money.. If we just wanna buy below 50 i think better buy from outside which have variety choice.. SIngapore spent money to made their own weapon then use hundred just for their self beside looking for export market which we must not hope for.. Arms market is very limited.. Arms bizness not have big prospect.. So gov. must spent some not to get profit but to go for self reliance…

  4. Considering Singapore spent more then 10 times in R&D as compared to malaysia, i’m not surprise.

    I think what Malaysia really need to developed is their own Heavy AIFV. 60 tons weight class, armed with 105mm smootbore gun, and can carry at least 6 infantry in the back. This type of armored vehicle are more suited for our terrain compared to MBT.

    Marhalim: Sixty tons are way too heavy for our terrain, something below 30 tonnes would be better. There is no need to re-invent the wheel, we should buy a very good design and built it locally

  5. Phadil…. you really have to stop mixing PCP with your Meth. We don’t have the money to buy simple APCs, how are we going to be able to pay for your uberschutzenpanzers? Even if we could pay for them, we could not afford to run them. You might want to look at the log books of the various Armored Regiments to get an idea of their optempo.

    You are however in good company since the Minister and Deputy Minister at Kementah are as spaced out as you are.

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