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SHAH ALAM: Who will be the new Defence Minister? I believed most of you are aware that PM8 is expected to resign this afternoon (August 16, 2021) and the King may or may not accept his recommendation for a successor or even appoint a new temporary chief executive to head the government pending a general election to be decided later. The King could also asked the Parliament to decide who will be the next PM or even appoint a new one after he accepted that the person has the backing of the majority. Failing which he will announced the dissolution of the parliament paving the way for the next general elections. For insight who is suitable to become PM9, please feel free to read up the MSM and the other news website.

Update: The King has accepted the resignation of PM8 and his Cabinet and has also appointed him as the caretaker PM until new one is appointed. It is not clear however whether one can be sworn in soon or a general election is needed.

The Exocet missile fired from KD Lekir dipped nearly hitting the water shortly after its launched at the recent Ex Taming Sari 21/20. RMN.

You might also be aware several names have been mentioned as PM9 either as acting one, pending polls or permanent one until the next crisis. I have no favourites for the various names mentioned already but if a new administration is set up from the current one, hopefully the office at Jalan Padang Tembak is taken up the immediate past minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Ismail (centre) at the launch of the Greater Klang Valley Task Force on August 6. Tenter Darat picture

No, I don’t think he did a great job as the minister- he had not make any decision that ruled him out – but it is better for continuity sake especially if its just to wait for the next polls. There will be no need for briefings and other things for a completely new one especially if it just to warm up the seat waiting for the next poll.

Pathfinders from 10th Para Brigade conducting a jump into the sea as part of their on-going exercise. Picture published by BTDM on August 13.

If, however, the King or parliament decided that the PM9 will be Anwar Ibrahim, I would suggest the Port Dickson MP appoint someone new from his political coalition though I have no idea who will be suitable. Perhaps one of the younger MPs could be suitable for the job.

Mat Sabu inspecting the honour guard at Kementerian Pertahanan after his appointment as Defence Minister on May 22, 2018.

The previous one, Mohamad Sabu is certainly unsuitable for the post even though he also had experience running the show from mid 2018 to March 2019. The fact that his ex-political secretary was charged with corruption charges during his tenure as minister is certainly the main reason why he should not returned to Jalan Padang Tembak.

The Kawasaki 250cc scramblers for the Army procured under Op Benteng.

Yes, some of you might claimed that the corruption charges were politically motivated but one must consider the fact that one of the ex political secretary accomplices, the former head of military intelligence had pleaded guilty to the charges as somewhat a proof of the validity of them.

Hishammuddin checking out the 12.7mm HMG fitted on the Tun Sharifah Rodziah sea base in 2015. Joint Force picture.

Mat Sabu predecessor, Hishammudin Hussein is also unsuitable for the post, in my opinion, due to his track record. The other two former defence ministers are also unsuitable for the post as they have court cases pending against them therefore unlikely to be considered in the first place. The third one might feel insulted even if offered the post.

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  1. Tom Tom,

    To be a devil’s advocate, Who is to say that a new government will cancel it or delay it indefinitely?

    What you said was something everyone took into consideration given the fluid political situation.

  2. Will be interesting to see who is eventually given the job. To me however it’s secondary: the system has to be revamped. Unless or until that happens it matters not who heads MINDEF.

  3. Wait Tom Tom… I wanna see the LCA fly into an air base here in M’sian markings before saying Yes! We bought them planes!

  4. What did I said about Governments & underwear again?

    Tho Marhalim’s standards for the next Menhan is a bit too high, as nearly all MP except those mentioned had no track record in Mindef. Coupled with notable achievements required, I think none of the MPs are suitable in that sense.

    On that matter, I’d say Ismail Sabri’s tenure had, under these pandemic circumstances, did more for the Forces than all of his predecessor had done. Despite the temptations & pressure to cut defence budgeting and reallocate towards rakyat, defence buys are still ongoing and healthy despite no big ticket items yet. Also, involving the Forces in the fight against Covid, he endeared them to the rakyat and I dare say their image today is a lot better than during BN era as the boogeyman.

    For want of any better, IMO an ex-general or admiral that isn’t a current MP should be made the next Menhan.

  5. It is a very bad idea to bring a former general or admiral as it will bring personal issues into the office. Better to have a technocrat with no ties at all with the military

  6. Belah kerajaan acuh tak acuh, tangkap muat & asal ada tentang keperluan pertahanan.

    Belah pembangkang pula asyik membangkang isu petty, this can build 1000 school la, who is our enemy la.

    Dan TLDM masih pakai kapal peronda 40- 50 tahun.

  7. @Marhalim
    On the top of my head, I cannot think of a technocrat from our defence industry that would suit the bill. Not that we have a lot to pick from in the first place, looking at how tiny and insignificant.

    Didn’t I wrote a technocrat without any military links? Someone from the defence industry would be as bad as a former military man

  8. You wouldn’t want someone who is untrained to drive your car right? Neither would a sensible captain hand over the wheel to an unqualified person to steer.
    So who should Mindef & all the responsibility of our country’s defence matters be given to a person, no matter how good he is in another field, that has no prior profession in defence or national security related field?

    A technocrat would be preferable if he fully knows what he is walking into and knows how to solve it.

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