RMN AW139 MUH Rendered

SHAH SALAM: RMN AW139 MUH rendered. Galaxy Aerospace – part of the Gading Group – the company that won the contract to supply three maritime utility helicopters (MUH) to the RMN has published the CGI renderings of the helicopter. The helicopter in question is of course the Leonardo AW139. From the CGI rendering we can surmised that the helicopter will have similar paint and markings to the Super Lynx and Fennec rotor craft already in service with the RMN.

RMN AW139 MUH CGI Galaxy Aerospace

The CGI also revealed that the RMN MUH will be fitted with electro-optics, radar and a rescue hoist. It also finally confirmed that the RMN is getting the AW139s for its maritime helicopter requirements.

RMN Super Lynx M501-03 taken in late 2013. Note the inert Sea Skua ASM and A244/S torpedo

Earlier this year, Malaysian Defence reported that

RMN chief Admiral Reza Sany today announced that the service has sign the contract to purchase three maritime operations helicopter (MOH) on September 20 last year. The first helicopter will be delivered on October 20, 2022; second on May 31, 2023 and the third on February 28, 2024.

He did not named the helicopters contracted though it is likely to be the Leonardo AW139 as hinted previously.

RMN AW139 MUH CGI. Galaxy Aerospace

The RMN project team for the AW139 project had left for Italy earlier this year and they are expected to be there until all three helicopters are delivered in 2024.

RMN AW139 MUH CGI. Gading Aerospace

The RMN MUH also looked very similar to Italian Air Force AW139s, designated as HH-139B, 17 of which to be delivered by this year.

An Italian military HH-139 or AW139 equipped with specialized equipment. Wikipedia

The Italian Air Force also operates older versions of the helicopter, designated as HH-139A and VH-139As.

RMN AW139 MUH. Galaxy Aerospace

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— Malaysian Defence

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