Exocets Galore

SHAH ALAM: Exocets galore. RMN fired three MBDA Exocet anti-ship missiles off Kuantan today – two MM40 Block IIs and a single SM39 – as part Eksesais Taming Sari 20/21. The two MM40s were fired by frigate, KD Lekiu, and corvette KD Lekir while the SM-39 was fired by submarine, KD Tun Abdul Razak.

The six-day exercise were staged by 1,080 personnel from the RMN, RMAF and the MMEA.

KD Lekiu firing the Exocet missile. RMN

Deputy Prime Minister DS Ismail Sabri who witnessed the missile firings, stated that the success of the exercise showed the professionalism of the personnel involved. The missiles apparently hit their targets which Malaysian Defence wrote a few months back.

On the way, the Exocet missile launching from KD Lekir. RMN

The last time RMN conducted missile firing was back in 2019 when Lekir sister ship, KD Kasturi fired a single Exocet. Two MBDA Sea Skua missiles were also fired during the same exercise.

A view of the SM39 firing its engine after the launch from KD Tun Razak. RMN.

Although the picture above showed Tun Razak at periscope depth for the Exocet firing, in a combat situation she would have been much deeper to fire the missile. It is also interesting to note that Lekiu sister ship, KD Jebat is also taking part in the same exercise but she is not involved in the missile firing part. She hosted the Defence Minister and VIPs.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. “KD Jebat… not involved in the missile firing”
    Interesting as iinm, Jebat got the ‘locally developed’ CMS update while Lekiu is still with the OEM one? I thought they would want to try out the missile launch operation from that CMS or something.

  2. No actual firing of torpedo. Simulated firing it is then.

    The problem with firing a torpedo is that you need a target ship to see whether it works or not. Unlike the missiles which can use a barge with containers on it.Not cheap finding a ship to be target. Its not like RMN has old ships that it can spare for Sinkex. For that kind of target RMN should consider joining US led exercise like Rim of the Pacific.

  3. I always wanted to know, each of the lekiu and kasturi class have 8 launchers. Can each ship operate with 6 launchers of exocet while the other 2 be fitted to a kedah class opv should the need arises?

    Fixing the launchers on the Kedah is the easy part. Yes it can be done. But they need to integrate the missiles with the ship’s CMS and other equipment. They then need to conduct a dry firing to ensure everything works before a live firing need to be done

  4. “consider joining US led exercise like Rim of the Pacific”
    Want to ask, is RImPac participation by application or by invite? I kinda thought these mega exercises are usually conducted with regular participants from close allies and special invite to selected others.

    Its by invitation which most of the time we received them. Most of the time we declined

  5. No, I dont think no member of the press was invited for the missile firing apart from the PC at the RMN base at Kuantan port. I think this is due to Covid

  6. By now we must accept that the kedahs will never get their ‘ffbnw’ items..But please to see them block 2 still working considerably fine..But kedahs will still get some upgrade right? Right?

  7. “But kedahs will still get some upgrade right? Right?”

    Given the long lives we will have to eke out of the Kedahs, yes. We can expect them to see upgrades to keep up with the times, to better perform their current roles as OPVs. I can foresee sensors and UAS, but not much in the way of weapons.

    “By now we must accept that the kedahs will never get their ‘ffbnw’ item”

    But should we hope for it in the first place? How much combat capability can we expect from the platform, which is by now 20 odd years old?

  8. AM,

    Age has got nothing to do with it; it’s how the ship’s are deployed and with what assets.

    Despite their “OPV” designation which is a peacetime destination and one politically correct: they actually were supposed to have a wartime utility (reflected in the high end sensor and others suite) in support of other assets but in a lower threat environment; hence the light proposed missile fit out.

    As it stands there is no intention to fully arm them as the cash can be better used elsewhere.

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