Surface Target Barge Sought

SHAH ALAM: The RMN is looking to lease a barge to be used as a surface target later this year. The notice for quotation for the service was published today and ends in just seven days. The specifications called for the rental of a used barge to be used a surface target. It must be 40 metres long, 10 metre wide with a moulded depth of 3 metres and a draft of 1.5 metres.

Whats left of the target – the surface target barge with containers – after the missile hits – at Eks KerisMas 2019. RMN

The barge should have a maximum load of 30 tonnes though it will be carrying six containers with a loading of four tonnes each and another six tonnes of other equipment. It must be able to operate in 1-3 sea state. Other details for the specification is available on the ePerolehan website.
A surface target barge hit by a Sea Venom missile during test in 2020. DGA

The containers on the barge will also be fitted with reflectors though the specifications does not indicate whether this will be radar reflectors or ones for use with night vision goggles or thermal imagers.
Armaments technician from Skn 501 loading the MBDA Sea Skua missile on the Super Lynx helicopter for the firing exercise at Eks KerisMas 2019. The Super Lynx can carry four Sea Skuas at one time, though RMN this time around only put two on the helicopter.

As the barge needs to be delivered to the RMN base in Kuantan by May 21, it is likely the exercises planned are likely to be at various training locations off Pahang and Terengganu waters. It is unclear in what exercise the surface target barge will be employed though.
MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II leaving its launcher during Eks Kerismas 2019. RMN

The last time RMN conducted a firing exercise off the East Coast waters was in July 2019. As the culmination of Eks KerisMas 2019, the RMN fired three missiles – one Exocet and two Sea Skuas – at a surface target barge on July 16.
RMN Skn 501 Super Lynx helicopter firing the Sea Skua during Eks KerisMas.

The target was also hit by gun fire by RMN ships as well as strafing attacks from the Super Lynx helicopters.

— Malaysian Defence

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