Surface Target Barge Sought

Whats left of the target - a barge with containers - after the missile hits. at Eks Kerismas 2019. RMN

SHAH ALAM: The RMN is looking to lease a barge to be used as a surface target later this year. The notice for quotation for the service was published today and ends in just seven days. The specifications called for the rental of a used barge to be used a surface target. It must be 40 metres long, 10 metre wide with a moulded depth of 3 metres and a draft of 1.5 metres.

Whats left of the target – the surface target barge with containers – after the missile hits – at Eks KerisMas 2019. RMN

The barge should have a maximum load of 30 tonnes though it will be carrying six containers with a loading of four tonnes each and another six tonnes of other equipment. It must be able to operate in 1-3 sea state. Other details for the specification is available on the ePerolehan website.
A surface target barge hit by a Sea Venom missile during test in 2020. DGA

The containers on the barge will also be fitted with reflectors though the specifications does not indicate whether this will be radar reflectors or ones for use with night vision goggles or thermal imagers.
Armaments technician from Skn 501 loading the MBDA Sea Skua missile on the Super Lynx helicopter for the firing exercise at Eks KerisMas 2019. The Super Lynx can carry four Sea Skuas at one time, though RMN this time around only put two on the helicopter.

As the barge needs to be delivered to the RMN base in Kuantan by May 21, it is likely the exercises planned are likely to be at various training locations off Pahang and Terengganu waters. It is unclear in what exercise the surface target barge will be employed though.
MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II leaving its launcher during Eks Kerismas 2019. RMN

The last time RMN conducted a firing exercise off the East Coast waters was in July 2019. As the culmination of Eks KerisMas 2019, the RMN fired three missiles – one Exocet and two Sea Skuas – at a surface target barge on July 16.
RMN Skn 501 Super Lynx helicopter firing the Sea Skua during Eks KerisMas.

The target was also hit by gun fire by RMN ships as well as strafing attacks from the Super Lynx helicopters.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Tried make it moving target and see weather these missile can catches up the target or not… Otherwise useless..

  2. Fadiman – “Otherwise useless..”

    No. That is certainly not the is not the issue. The barge could be moving at 70 knots but it would make no difference.

    The issue is the seeker of the missile detecting the target and homing onto it. The idea being that if the missile can detect, home it and destroy a small barge; it won’t have an issue with an actual much larger ship. Some barges can be partly submerged to prevent a smaller profile.

  3. With the RMN missile stocks aging at least, 20 years, hopefully there will be plan to replenish or refurbish/replace them

  4. Do they really need a public tender for this type of thing? seriously you could slap a few from the random stuff in the storage yard for this.

    Yes since the government decided open competition is that best way almost every thing is goes through the SOP. Even items that could be bought directly from the manufacturers are open up from competition

  5. @kamal

    I seconded that suggestion..that long overdue tbh..Theres plenty to choose as long we can ditch the chinese made then we will be fine..for ssm theres exo block 3,rbs and atmaca or latest version of otomat..for sam theres mica ng,camm and aselsan bora

  6. With so few ships with missile launchers, how does TLDM trains its personnels on the various CMS available? Do we have simulators?

    Yes we do have simulators. Anyhow we only have a number of ships with missiles nowadays so training is not an issue. Crews on ships with the missiles will train on them even when no live rounds are on-board.

  7. Fadiman – “cmon just kidding ok”

    Sorry – missed the humour part.

    In the barges; we use (maybe still do) to have a target barge which could partially submerge to provide a lower profile.

    The fact that we’re using reflectors means we want to make it easier for the missile. Reflectors have also been used as decoys; albeit against older gen missiles with unsophisticated seekers.

  8. Hasnan – “TLDM trains its personnels on the various CMS available”

    Everytime a ship puts to sea; as part of its deployment the CMS will be used: so yes crews get regular practice. As for missile training; eventhough a live launch is not performed: it’s the prerogative of the CO to get his crews to practice simulated launches.

    What crews should also practise is not just the actual launch but issues which may be encountered for real: i.e. difficulty in detecting and designating a target (either due to enemy action or other reasons); the tracker having difficulty locking on and maintaining a fix in the target; the missile hitting what it’s aimed at rather than veering of at another target during the terminal phase; etc, etc.

  9. Aiyoo. When no open tender, people complain no transparency lah, crony lah, corruption lah, ini semua salah….., when things are now open tender, people still complain. WTF!

    Maybe our Armed Forces shouldn’t buy anything so as to please everyone. How about that?

  10. The Kedah Class crew can simulate a missile launch with the installed CMS?

    Its a matter of software really, for simulations. I have no idea whether the CMS is capable of simulating missiles

  11. COSYS was originally developed for low intensity stuff but it has the number of consoles and the software for a SSM. After all; original plans did call for 4 MM-40s to be fitted.

  12. Afaik our govt dont have the factory that produce rice,POL,kari,salt to give to our servicemen. So govt have to buy from private sector.

    Ppl will complen on any choices taken by govt,and the complen are voiced out loud,that’s virtue of democracy c/w free speech

  13. Nimitz – “o govt have to buy from private sector”

    Unless it comes from state owned (and subsided) enterprises; like in North Korea or in Cuba and the Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War; this is the case everywhere. Much more cheaper and practical to source from the private sector.

    Nimitz – “at’s virtue of democracy c/w free speech”

    Questioning and scrutinising authority; as well as having a cynical view of politicians and not having unquestionable faith in them.

    Not to mention understanding that the very essence of politics is to gain power and then maintain it.

  14. Fadiman – “Yea the Mindef should armed the kedah class”

    That plan has long passed and is unlikely anytime soon.

    The RMN wants to conserve funds for the next batch of fully fitted out LMSs and helos; not to mention the fact that the government has to fork out funds to get the LCS programme back on track.

  15. Just wondering maybe the Kedah Class are ffbnw because of the Westland Lynx helicopters thats already capable to handle non state actors. For serious encounters, maybe the installation of mm40 can be done quite fast and targeting is more accurately done by the Lynx.

    It was planned that way to reduce the cost of procurement, it got nothing to do with Super Lynx

  16. @nimitz
    Constructive criticism, of course, is welcomed. But if we going forward gets criticised, going left gets criticised, going right gets criticised …. mana boleh! How to progress like this.

    In UK, even with QE2 carriers grossly overbudgeted yet whatever criticism never aimed at stopping or cancelling the project. Criticism are only at specific issues not a sweeping general tarring that we are so fond of doing. That is what matured democracy should be, not the kind of democracy we are heading towards.

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