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KUALA LUMPUR: As noted above appended below is the link for a Press release issued by the Australian MOD. It is the Community Programme Report for the new Australian Defence White Paper, basically its the guiding document. It provide good reading even for us in Malaysia especially with our reticence for coming up with such an important document as a blueprint for the armed forces development. I know its hard to follow a well-thought plan when there are all sort of opportunities for national interest.

YB Datuk,
May well want to forgo my ramblings on defence but at least look at the document below so you may well have an inkling of the idea for a sound defence policy for our own beloved country. I understand that there is no need to copy nor follow what ever the recommendations in the Australian document but its a good start for our very own White Paper on Defence. I also took the opportunity to forward the link to your boss, the YB PM, so he too can get some ideas from the same document. The writing is on the wall, YB Datuk, only by learning from others can the country move forward.

We cannot afford any more costly mistakes.

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  1. What an insult to the folks at Kementah. After 50+ years of merdeka, it is utterly ridiculous that Malaysia should have to follow in the footsteps of the Mat Salleh! We know best about our defense needs and how to achieve the dwifungsi goals of national defense AND national interest at the same time.

    Anyway, it’s not in Bahasa ________ (insert as appropriate) and therefore useless for discussion purposes until it is translated.

    I wonder what RB is doing his doctorate in London on?

  2. If you dont ‘tutup mulut’, he’s going to boycott your blog!!

    Marhalim: I do not pay any one to read my blog nor do I expect any rewards for it…Its my website….

  3. It’s an accurate reflection of how loathe Kementah is to engage in dialogue with the rakyat and how poorly they do it. Which is why they always kena hantam kiri kanan because they are trying to control information rather than influence discussion.
    The paucity of information and publicity on Ops Fajar for example is a case in point. Our boys, fighting lanun on the high seas in defence of Malaysian maritime trade interests SHOULD be a big thing.
    I wonder if jinkoo works in the Kementah press office?

    Marhalim: He does not . It was the first and the last time (for several hours at least). But thank you, JK nonetheless for boosting my hit counter…

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