Sopmod rifles for Malaysia?

Somebody is placing ads in a local magazine Perajurit on the M4 Sopmod rifles. Sopmod is the acronym for the Special Operations Peculiar Modification rifles meant specifically for US Special Forces Command.
Coming fast after the decision to replace the Steyr with the M4/M16A4 combo the ads is particularly annoying as it is misleading and at the same time, fearful for it may hint towards something.
Is somebody trying to sell a rifle. which is only available to US Special Forces to our Armed Forces.
Sopmod rifles are modified by armorers of the Naval Special Warfare command at Crane from rifles manufactured by Colt Defense. The modification include the installation of new 18 or 20 inch barrels, modular mounting system, new stocks, optics and a host of others.
Since its modified at NSW Crane no rifles not issued by Socom CANNOT be called Sopmod. When US arm makers offer similar capabilities, they wont dare to call their rifles as Sopmod. The nearest is enhanced Carbine or Sopmod- style. Only rifles modified as such by these armorers and issued to operators only then they are called Sopmod.
However, the ads in Perajurit seemed to suggest that they are offering the Sopmod rifles to us. And it is the latest Block II version as well!.
It is the most misleading ad I have ever seen in a while. They even dare to place the Aimpoint optics on the ads. Hell, the real Sopmod Block IIs used Leupold optics

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