RMAF Display at LIMA 17

Hold tight

SHAH ALAM: As there was not much action in the exhibition halls, let’s spend our time on the air display, specifically the RMAF ones. This time around, the Sukhoi Su-30MKM of the 11 Squadron was joined by the Hornet of the 18 Squadron for the solo display.

After an absence of 10 years, it’s fitting that the Hornet took part in the solo display as this was the Boeing jet 20th anniversary of service in RMAF. It is for this reason this is a photo essay of the Hornet displays flown by the two crews during LIMA, GRough with John Doe and Pacman together with WhizzKid.

 LIMA 17 flight display crew in a group photo with RMAF chief Jen Affendi Buang (six from left). John Doe is far left, GRough (third from left) while Pacman is second from right. Far right is WhizzKid. TUDM.

Hopefully, the pictures below gave a good rundown of their of their display. The Su-30MKM displays at LIMA 17 were also awesome for that matter. The Hornet used for display was M45-06 -through-out the five days – although the 08 was available as a reserve.

Getting ready for take off.
A low tight turn over the flight line
Going up and up
Skywards ahoy
Break, break
Break, break
Good Show


In control
Good show

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Just a question..can wso fly the plane? The wso that i asked told me he cant.

    Only on the dual stick Hornet, if the WSO is also rated as a pilot, there are several of them

  2. Marhalim,

    Did you manage to cover the 1000hour and 500hour pilot award ceremony for the Su-30mkm?

    Unfortunately I was not invited

  3. The RMAF Chief looks every bit the fighter pilot that he is. Looking at the photograph, it’s hard to believe he’s older than the other fighter jocks by decades.

    We wish him well and look forward to his leadership to transform the RMAF.

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