Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 3

SHAH ALAM: Walk like an Egyptian, Part 3. Egypt has launched its fourth, El Fateh (Gowind) class corvette, the Luxor, the third vessel to be built locally at the Alexandria shipyard on May 14, 2020. Two other corvettes build at the shipyard are the Port Said and Al Moez. The first Egyptian Navy Gowind corvette, El Fateh was handed over to Egypt in September, 2017.

Port Said the first Egyptian locally build warship was launched in September, 2018 while the second one, Al Moez was launched in May 2019. The ships are built at the Alexandria shipyard with Naval Group, the French state-owned shipbuilder.

Luxor prior to her launch on May 14 2020. Naval Group.

Like the RMN Maharaja Lela class frigates, the Egyptian Gowinds arefitted with the Naval Group’s SETIS combat management system and the enclosed mast, the Panoramic Sensors and Intelligence Module (PSIM). The PSIM incorporates the corvette’s semspr including the SMART-S radar and electronic warfare equipment. They are fitted with 16 VL-MICA surface-to-air missiles and eight Exocet MM40 surface-to-surface missiles as well as one 76 mm and two 20 mm guns. The vessels can each carry one medium helicopter and will be fitted with torpedo launchers. Sensors include a Kingklip sonar and Captas 2 towed sonar.
Luxor after her launch. Naval Group

Initially the Egyptian Navy was supposed to buy another two Gowind corvettes for the fleet but in 2018 it was announced that it was planning to buy six Meko A200 from Germany instead. One of the ships reportedly have been contracted for in early 2019 but so far there is no word whether the other five would also be build.
Egyptian Navy EL Fateh Gowind 2500 corvette.

It is likely that if Egypt opted to buy another two Gowind it is likely that these two ships would be commissioned into service faster than our own Gowinds. But that is water under the bridge now. As it is we are no closer to getting our Gowinds than the Egyptians getting their Mekos. That said, the Egyptian Navy received its first out of three U209/1400 submarine from Germany last month. The submarine was ordered in 2011 with another two ordered in 2014.

— Malaysian Defence

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