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SHAH ALAM: Out in the wild. It appears that a number of HK 9s and Vektor SP1 semi-automatic pistols have been surplused by the Army, had ended up in the US. It appears that even gun writer Ian McCollum of the Forgotten Weapons fame cannot confirmed that it was surplused from here. McCollum did a video on the SP1 after an example he bought had a broken part in it, making it a safety issue.

He said the SP1 was sold cheaply – $400 (RM1522) even though it was a very rare gun. He said the importer of the pistols – IArms LLC- had brought a batch of 9S and SP1 to the US to be sold to firearm dealers in the country. He said SP1 were pretty beaten up though he didnt mind it as it was a very item in the US, even though it was just a copy of the Berretta 92 pistol. Watch the video here

Vektor SP1 pistol.

It is interesting to note that in the comments section, a commenter noted that the guns were sold to IArms by a Malaysian company called Andalan Perkasa Sdn Bhd. A quick Google search on my part showed that Andalan Perkasa is indeed a licensed fireams dealer in Malaysia. Not much details is available on the search results but the company has a Facebook page, which stated it is a licensed firearms dealer but nothing else.
Army officers training on their Glock pistols. BTDM

Anyhow it is impossible for me to determine whether or not that the pisotls surplused in the US are indeed from the Army. The Army did use the P9S and SP1 in the 1990s after they transitioned from the Browning HP pistols. Currently there are number of pistols in the inventory there are mostly Glocks though I have seen Sig Sauer and CZ pistols I had.
An Army officer firing a Glock 17.BTDM

I know for a fact that surplused firearms from the military, police and likely other agencies are sometimes barter traded to new ones. It is the most likely route for the 9S and SP1s. That said not all retired firearms are sold off though, they remained stored in armouries around the country. It must also be noted that even surplus ammo from the Army had also been sold overseas, most of them the US.

— Malaysian Defence

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