Hawk Crashes, One Dead

Hawk Mk 108 M40-08 doing touch and goes at Labuan airport in November, 2017. This is the aircraft involved in the incident. Malaysian Defence

SHAH ALAM: A RMAF Bae Systems Hawk Mk108 jet trainer crashed at the Butterworth airbase last night, leaving one of the pilots dead while the other hospitalised. The deceased pilot was identified as Capt Mohamad Affendi Bustamy by RMAF while Major Mohd Fareez Omar is undergoing treatment at the Seberang Jaya hospital in a stable condition.

Both were involved in a night flying training at Butterworth when the incident occurred at 10.07pm, RMAF said in the statement. The service said the families of both crew members – who were married – have been notified of the incident and were being supported.

RMAF Hawk MK108 (front) and MK208 (behind). RMAF

RMAF said it was arranging for the remains of Mohamad Affendi for the burial. It said an investigation board would be set up to probe the incident.
Hawk Mk108 M40-04 at Lima 2011

Pictures published by the media showed the wreck of the Hawk near the control tower which is located – if I remembered correctly – some 50 meters from the sole runway at the airbase.
The wreck of the Hawk with the control tower behind it. Malay Mail

Another picture taken likely this morning clearly showed that both pilots had ejected from the stricken aircraft though only one survived the incident. The picture also revealed that the aircraft involved is tail number M40-08.
A day picture of the Hawk wreck by Bernama. Note the control tower.

The last fatal crash involving RMAF Hawks was back on June 15 2017, when another Mk108 crash killing both pilots. Both Major Yasmi Mohamed Yusof, 39, and Major Hasri Zahari, 31 were found at 2.30pm in a forest 53 km north of the Kuantan airbase. An investigations into the crash determined a technical fault was the main reason for the crash.
Two RMAF Mk 108s took part in the flypast rehearsal on Feb 25 2016.

On December 21, 2016, a Beechcraft King Air B200T crashed while conducting touch and go landing at the Butterworth airbase. The pilot, Major C. Kayamboo, 45 was killed in the incident while the other three crew members were injured.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Condolences to the families of all involved.

    So the remaining Hawk 108 in RMAF fleet is just 4 aircraft, with 6 now lost to crashes. One more reason for the LCA/FLIT project to be signed off as soon as possible, with the best possible aircraft that RMAF could get.

    Even with this crash, and the unfortunate killings at 330 squadron, I expect RMAF KPI for this year to still be categorised as 100% achieved like in the latest 2022 budget papers. I really have no idea what kind of KPI that they set and how can the kementah accept such KPI.

  2. Heartfelt condolence to the family of the deceased Captain. A speedy recovery to the injured Major

  3. Innalillah. Thank you for your service late Capt Mohamad Affendi Bustamy. May your soul rest with other good people in afterlife. Condolences to his family. Hopefully a statement regarding LCA/FLIT to be announced soon.

  4. Statistically about 40% of RMAF overall Hawk 108/208 fleet has crashed to date. That is a big percentage.

  5. What is the real issues? Technical or user or mother nature or what else could be the pblm?….

  6. Near the runway so likely it happened either on landing or taking off. About crashes, was it revealed what was the reason for the TLDM Fennec crash?

  7. Sad news. At the rate the RMAF is going, it will be running out of pilots and planes at Butterworth AFB.

  8. Not through crashes, really as the last one was in late 2016. Its more through old age than anything else. As for pilots, at the moment, they wont be losing them to the airlines due to the pandemic

  9. Far – ”What is the real issues? Technical or user or mother nature or what else could be the pblm?…”

    If you look at statements made over the years by the RMAF; some mishaps have been caused by technical reasons and others apparently by human error.

  10. Our Hawks are 27 years old and getting more expensive to repair/maintain/refurbish. Let’s hope government will give more attention and make procurement decision faster. Hope that RMAF will get LCAs/LIFTs in adequate numbers as soon as possible.

  11. Tom – ”At the rate the RMAF is going, it will be running out of pilots and planes at Butterworth AFB.”

    Seriously? Given that we have more pilots than aircraft and that it’s not as if we are losing pilots at an alarmingly regular rate; doubt the base will ”running out of pilots”.

  12. @morpoyos
    New stuff has their own issues, see subs cannot dive, or LMS class facing a litany of complaints, or Airbus recalling our A400Ms for retrofitting, or our Seawolfs not working as it should since Day 1, maybe others which I’m not aware about but you get my drift.

  13. The SSKs were never in a position where they couldn’t dive per see. Because of issues with the air cooling system it was decided to postpone local trials until the issue was rectified.

    Issue was not with Seawolf per see but integration interface issues involving the fire directors and NAUTIS. The issue was discovered during
    contractor trials in the North Sea and rectified.

  14. @joe
    Issues? Yes,we will having them as usual as to make the assests suit with our operational requirements and our hot & humid weather. There will be solutions to cater every issues.

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