Marine Police Got New Boats

A CGI of the PC class FIC

SHAH ALAM: The Marine police got new boats. The Marine Police on May 2 accepted the delivery of two unit of fast assault craft, designated as PC class patrol craft from Gading Marine, a member of Gading Group.

The two boats are called PC 31 and PC 32.

Mohd Yusof (seated on the gun) and other officials posed with the PC 32 manually operated .50 caliber HMG.

“The addition of PC patrol boat assets is essential to meet the increasingly challenging assignment requirements and involves a total area of ​​159,167 square kilometers (km) covering the Peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak with a distance of up to 12 nautical miles from the coast,’ says the Marine Police commander SAC Mohd Yusof Mamat as quoted by its Facebook page.

The PC class according Mohd Yusof can reach speeds up to 45 knots.

A CGI of the PC class FIC

“It is best suited for pursuing and intercepting criminals or intruders at sea. It is equipped with a large capacity of fuel tanks and supplies,” he said after piloting one of the boats, reaching a top speed of 42.5 knots.

The two boats were purchased under the second rolling plan of the 11th Malaysia Plan Home Affairs with contract value RM23.2 million, he added.

A CGI of the PC class FIC

It is unclear whether this means the cost of one boat is RM11.2 million or RM5.8 milion each, as Mohd Yusof had stated in Langkawi that they were getting four PC class boats from Gading Marine.
A CGI of the PC class FIC

If its the latter, it is likely that Gading Marine has a leg up against other shipyards if the RMN Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) requirement is funded and a competition is opened up.
A CGI of the PC class FIC

If it was for the former, it will be still be very competitive. From the pictures posted by Marine police, I am guessing that the new boat is fitted with a manually operated .50 caliber HMG, on top of the bridge. The CGI of the boat by Gading Marine envisaged it to be equipped with three GPMGs.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. This is the boats, looks unlike the graphics.

    You can see above the machine gun ring, there is a commercial FLIR marine turret, above that a raymarine digital radar and above that a furuno radar, on top of the mast it looks like a furuno GPS antenna.

    As for the gun ring, i dont want to be manning that thing at 45knots!

    I don’t want to be manning the gun ring even at 5 knots, one is more likely to shoot up the boat itself than anything else…

  2. Yes,the Browning gun placement looks like it was designed by an amaturish naval engineer,to.make things worse,the surface is smooth as a baby’s bottom.might as well put a WW2 B-17s ball turret there.

  3. Can’t believe what I’ve read. What self respecting being does not desire to engage something with a 50 cal?

    It’s where the gun is mounted on, not the gun

  4. @ AM

    I can assume that you have never ridden in a speedboat before. Give it a try, and tell us the experience of being slammed by the waves while trying to hang on for dear life.

    Then imagine being on a slippery roof with no proper seats and hanging on to the gun handle (then you will understand what marhalim is talking about)…

    Something that looks awesome on powerpoints does not necessarily be a useful thing to do without imputs from people that is going to use them. I can bet the designer has little experience riding in speedboats too.

  5. The weapon stations on the CGI doesn’t seem as ridiculous as the first picture.

  6. Actually I was only kidding and in fact have a very dim view of this gun position.

    Of all things, something not mentioned yet is this gun position occupies the highest point on the boat, which means all rotational movement is amplified.

    Having the gunner at deck level (even better, sitting slightly below like on a PBR) would do much for endurance and effectiveness.

  7. Another malaysia boleh design, on top of that why do we even have marine police AND coast guard. Imagine having an army and a separate ground forces branch.

    Because the government cannot decide…

  8. @ neb

    Now both polis and MMEA under home ministry. So you know who is not deciding.

  9. They should put some seat belt like d one on d racing car for d gunner.

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