Singapore Airshow

KUALA LUMPUR: I am off to Singapore tomorrow for what some say is the biggest airshow outside Paris and London, starting on Tuesday. I hope to update Malaysian Defence from Singapore on a daily basis together with pix and videos. Hope to see you here.

Anyway if any of you guys are out there, do drop me a line. I hope to spare some time to network and talk shop. Cheers.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Saw some initial shots of the airshow at Probably had most if not all of the RSAF inventory there plus the typical USAF contingent (KC-135, F-15, F-16, F-18, B-1). Any other interesting participants? Was at AA’06 and it seemed to be almost the same minus the B-1.

  2. Sorry due to the usual tech snafu, I have been unable to update the site from Singapore. The flight line is not that great although with the B-1B and the Airbus A380. Singapore Aerospace get a big lift compared to LIMA.

    Singapore only the display the Chinook, the F16 and the Apache. The rest of their fleet including Black Knights F16 are parked at the adjacent Changi Air Base.

    The Black Knights display was disciplined but too serious for my liking! Anyway I will update as soon as I return to KL tonight!

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