Be Afraid Part II…

KUALA LUMPUR: Try as I had, I cannot find the pictures of the LTV proposed by Weststar LDV for the armed forces. In the previous post, a Bernama story quoted the owner of Weststar as saying that seven of its Light Tactical Vehicle co-developed with a Thai company, RM Asia is already undergoing trials.

Reader Ree (thanks) pointed out that RM Asia was a big supplier of trucks to the Afghan National Army. Indeed a check at the company website revealed that it had supplied some 5,000 Ford Rangers and about 1,000 heavy trucks of the Navistar (US) to the ANA. Below is the picture of the Ranger of the ANA in its LTV guise.


Is this the same vehicle being tested by the armed forces? I have no idea but those who are staying around PD could helped us out as vehicle testing are usually conducted around the area.

Oh, BTW, earlier this month, MINDEF floated a tender for:

KP(PERO 1)A/T 205/2008



Membekal dan Menghantar Empat Puluh (40) Unit Pick Up Four Wheel Drive Double Cab Untuk Kegunaan Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia

(Kod Bidang : 160103 atau 160199)

Yup, its a tender for a pickup truck just like the Ranger. Since the Army is already using the single-cab Hilux, who is to say that the air force cannot use a Ranger?

As I stated before, Be Afraid……


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  1. HiLux lah…not HiAce!
    I think in the age of rocketing fuel costs, they should be looking at Perodua Vivas for general liaison work. Can you imagine it? The zoomies shuttling to the flightline in a Viva, painted Grey with a roundel. Yeah baby……


    Marhalim: Aiya….

  2. Go Malaysian product – use a kancil with .50 cal machine gun !!!!

    Marhalim: Kancil kecik sgt. Mungkin Perodua boleh offer Nautica open top utk requirement TUDM!

  3. Marhalim,

    Lets list out all the types of light trucks/SUVish vehicles in the MAF inventory?

    The ones I can think of-

    – VAMTAC (on order)
    – LR Defender
    – G Wagon
    – Pinzgauer
    – HICOM Perkasa (one ugly truck!)
    – Keowha Jeep (I think these are now gone)
    – Ssang Yong Rexton
    – Ford Ranger
    – Toyota Hilux (Is this correct? I haven’t seen these actually)
    – Mitsubishi Pajero

    anthing else?

    Marhalim: I am not sure about the Ranger but the Hilux single cab version is being used GGK CT Team and probably PASKAU and Paskal CT teams also.

    Isuzu Trooper (to be replaced by Rexton)

    Ford Everest (the VVIP SUV also being replaced by Rexton)

    Hicom Iveco 4X4 (ambulance version)

    Since your list include the Perkasa, one should also list:

    Hicom-MTB 2+2 3 or 4 tonne light truck.

    Various MAN Heavy Duty Truck with Malaysian name(I cannot remember the name of the Malaysian company)

    Hicom Iveco HETs

    A small number of MOWAG-Hicom Duros were also purchased in the late 90s, but since I have not seen them for a while I am not sure whether they remained in service

  4. A drop tail Nautica would be way cool but the whole car is CBU from Japan where it has badges that say Daihatsu Terios. Not sure how a Terios will handle a WMIK (Weapons Mount Installed kit) and a big ole Ma Deuce on top…..

    Hey, we could so it as a reality TV show, War of the Wheels style where the teams get 7 days and RM50K to turn a Nautica in the the maddest and baddest tactical ride in Malaysia. They would get points for exterior, automotive, interior, AV, firepower and protection. Then they would have drive and shoot off where the various contestants drive around shooting at each other with mounted weapons and the last car rolling wins!

    Whoa…this would have like super serious ratings!


  5. Marhalim,

    I seriously seem to recall a Ford Ranger used by one of the SF outfits.

    I was thinking more of light trucks. But yeah, I guess the Duro and Handalan might fall under this category as well. On the Duros, I also recall a batch of Duros being ordered around DSA 2004 as many of these vehicles were on display during the exhibition.

    btw The firm you cant remember… is that the one that went bust, AMDAC?

    Marhalim: Yes its AMDAC. I remembered the ugliest prime mover sporting the AMDAC logo carrying an ISO container at Sg Besi camp, a few years back. I have not seen them since. Yes, the Duro also seemed to have gone MIA.

    Ford Rangers. Yes, they are around also, if I recalled correctly the Army Canine Unit, just like the police Dog Unit Rangers. But as S Kadarisman said Jarang, Jarang…..

  6. Ree,

    I have been checking my records and it appears that the Army never bought the Duros. They instead purchased the Iveco 4X4 2 tonne ambulances. A source clarify that the several Duros that took part in the 4X4 expedition carried out by the Army in conjunction with DSA-series exhibition, were part of the testing and evaluation programme with Deftech which sponsored the event

  7. I did some googling and this is what I found on the Duro:

    Penyerahan Kenderaan Tentera Kepada ATM

    Majlis penyerahan tiga jenis kenderaan tentera untuk Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) oleh DRB-HICOM Deftech telah disaksikan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Mohd najib Tun Hj Abdul Razak bertempat di APAC Exhibition Centre, Subang pada 13 April 2004.

    Tiga jenis kenderaan yang bernilai RM387.6 juta tersebut ialah 28 buah pengangkut kereta kebal HICOM-Iveco, 67 kereta perisai Adnan ACV300 dan 57 buah trak Duro 6×6. Turut hadir ialah Timbalan Menteri Pertahanan, Panglima Angkatan Tentera mewakili ATM dan Pegawai Kanan Awam dan Tentera serta Pengerusi DRB-Hicom, Tan Sri Mohd Salleh bin Sulong.

    Marhalim: I do seem to recall that purchase but if you check with Deftech website, they do not mentioned Duro. My source is with …

  8. To paraphrase….a turd by any other name…….

    I’m very disappointed by the failure to continue development of the AV-4 as a domestic MRAP. Development work seems to have completely stopped.


    MarhalimL Mindef was not interested, so why bother since there was no money to make out of it…

  9. About the LTV proposed by Weststar LDV for the armed forces it’s still a military secrect and can’t be expose to public righ now.

  10. What year did the Army first buy Pinzgauers?

    Marhalim: Sorry, I cannot recalled correctly. But I believed it was in the early 90s before the 97 economic crisis.

  11. yes the army still used the duro in 6 x 6 version and the pinzgauer as 105mm oto melara pack howitzer tower. yes our deftech & amdac as the top military vehicle manufacturer should liase with the armed forces to know what is the armed forces requirement so we don’t have to import the masded / vamtac humvee copycat…. malulah…. where is the spirit of belilah barang buatan malaysia and we should upgrade all our sibmas with newer weapons and imager… why waste when we can upgrade

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