4X4s for Civil Defence Force

APM Modenas 110cc motorcycles. APM

SHAH ALAM: Back in July 2021, Malaysian Defence reported that the Civil Defence Department (Angkatan Pertahanan Awam -APM) issued a RFB for 100 units of 4X4 ambulances. The specifications called for a 4X4 vehicle which must be fully laden for the whole of its service life. The ambulances must be fitted with a full suite of medical equipment.

APM had sought inputs from other ambulance users and the industry in preparation for the RFB.

Among the vehicles delivered to the APM including the 4X4 ambulances and 4X4 operational rescue vehicles, vans and coasters. APM

On November 22, a ceremony was held at the APM headquarters for the delivery of the 4X4 ambulances. Apart from the ambulances, APM also took delivery of 46 4X4 operational rescue vehicles; two sky-lift trucks, 225 motorcycles, five coasters; seven vans and six 250hp out-board motors.
A group photograph with the delivered vehicles. APM

From the pictures of the ceremony, one can ascertained that the 4X4 ambulances are single cab Toyota Hilux while the 4X4 operational rescue vehicle are double cab Toyota Hilux equipped with aftermarket rear cabin. The vans are Toyota HiAce window vans and the motorcycles are Modenas 110cc machines.
APM Modenas 110cc motorcycles. APM

Checks on the Eperolehan website showed that Cendana Auto Sdn Bhd was awarded the contract for the 4X4 ambulances with an LOA of RM26.9 million. Cendana Auto is the supplier of the Army’s current crop of FFR, mortar, weapon carriers and special operations vehicles.

The contract for the operational rescue vehicles was awarded to Laser Motor Sdn Bhd, for an LOA of RM6.8 million. The RFB for the vehicles was issued in April 2022. Like the 4X4 ambulances, the operational rescue vehicles will be distributed to APM units in the peninsula, Sabah, and Sarawak.

I cannot find any RFB for the other vehicles delivered to APM above on the Eperolehan website.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Cendana seem to be the go to for vehicle supply back in the last Govt. But they have been fulfilling deliveries so it would appear they are a capable supplier that grew in out of a rotten system. We just need more of them.

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