Bae Systems at LIMA 19

Hawk M40-08 arriving at its dispersal shed.

SHAH ALAM: BAE Systems at LIMA 19. BAE Systems, the largest international supplier to the Malaysian Armed Forces with equipment in service across domains, including the Hawk Light Combat Attack and Training aircraft in service with the Royal Malaysian Air Force as well as naval vessels and land vehicles is taking part in LIMA 19, starting from 26 to 30 March, 2019.

Two RMAF Hawks flying over Penang at the recent 25th Silver Jubilee. TUDM

From Bae Systems

We celebrate our investment in Malaysia and developing local capabilities, employing over 500 people across its Malaysian operations, which includes a cyber-engineering centre as well as, our many partnerships over the past 50 years.

This year we are located in the indoor exhibition and outside the main entrance to the hall with the Typhoon full-scale replica. Visitors will have the chance to sit in one of the most advanced fast jets in the world as well as, the opportunity to view the advanced cockpit of the Hawk aircraft on the main stand.

Demonstrating the technology behind our products will be our bestselling APKWS weapons guidance system, as well as advanced sensor fusion capabilities and the innovative E-Scan radar.

Naval displays will include the 40Mk4 and 57Mk3 naval gun systems currently in-service with the Royal Malaysian Navy, and a scale model of our Offshore Patrol Vessel currently under construction for the Royal Thai Navy and the UK Royal Navy.

Land based weapon systems will be represented by a scale model of the 105mm Light gun, which continues to operate successfully for multiple nations around the world.

An interactive demonstration of the solutions we provide to the financial sector and governments to protect their critical infrastructure from our Malaysian Cyber business will be on show.

Visit us inside Hall A at stand A60 and outdoors at OD03

The Typhoon full size replica displayed at LIMA 2015 proved very popular

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Just now saw a group of RMAF fighters flying from Butterworth to Langkawi in tight formation.

    10 SU-30
    6 F/A-18
    5 Hawks

    Looks like TUDM is sending all available Su-30 & F/A-18 for the opening day flight

    Must be the rehearsal flight today

  2. That’s a lot of aircraft.

    What, did we hand over QRA to the RSAF for LIMA?

    Or can it be that all 8 remaining SUs are fully operational and on guard?

  3. @ chua

    Who needs QRA when we have JERNAS, Starstreak, Anza, FN-6 and Igla-S?

  4. “What, did we hand over QRA to the RSAF for LIMA? Or can it be that all 8 remaining SUs are fully operational and on guard?”

    In the first place, do we have 24/7 QRA coverage, and if so how many?

    I believe many of the MKMs are Partially rather than Fully Mission Capable, which is a nice way of saying they can fly.

  5. The show is getting a lot of priority. I doubt anything is left flyable among the Hornets and MKMs.

    I have only seen the MKMs perform solo, but given the numbers there might be pairs this time (unless some are for the faux napalm strike act). 10 surely includes first and second back up pairs, there will also be a pair on static display. None of this demands FMC status.

  6. With Dr m now receive d highest award or whatever in Pakistan does dis mean that jf will be greenlighted.oh boy.i always believe there is no free lunch.

  7. While we deployed all our servicable MKMs and Hornets to Langkawi, Indonesia is deploying 4 Su-27/30 to Tarakan, which borders Tawau, Sabah.

    @ ujang

    Yeah, but South Korean President visited Malaysia too. So your point is?

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