Antaltuya: A Honey Trap?

The affidavit revealed by Abdul Razak Bagindas lawyer in court last week maybe unprecedented as reported by New Sunday Times but it also offer a new direction of the sordid affair.

I do not want to engage in a discussion whether or not Abdul Razak ordered the killing of Antaltuya although the affidavit indeed reveal that he had motive.

The affidavit pointed out that Abdul Razak had paid money to Antaltuya to keep their affair a secret and the analyst became desperate when the Mongolian woman keep harassing him despite three payments.

He even had to come clean with his wife over the affair as the woman had came to the family house.

What really happened to Abdul Razak and Antaltuya herself that both became so desperate?

We can understand Abdul Razak desperation but what about Antaltuya? Was she like the Glenn Close character in Fatal Attraction or maybe she herself was being pushed by outside forces?

The affidavit claimed that Antaltuya and Abdul Razak met in Singapore. What was a Mongolian woman doing in Singapore? Did they just happened to meet or was it “an arranged meeting.

With Abdul Razak’s involvement in the Scorpene submarine purchase and his close relationship with the DPM/Defence Minister, one have to consider the possibility that it was a honey trap.

Honey trap was the description coined by American intelligence services for the operation conducted by Soviet’s KGB to get US militaryy/nuclear/industrial secrets through the services of nubile young women who seduces their targets mostly high ranking officials both in the military and the industry.
Almost all men seek sex 24/7 especially those in poweful position and honey traps are a powerful tool to get these men.

I am not saying that the honey trap ploy was conducted by the Soviets only. Since blackmail is a powerful persuader, I believe all intelligence agencies had used it.

I am not claiming that I had evidence that Antaltuya was a pawn used to entrap Abdul Razak but the facts clearly showed that any self-respecting intelligence agency would have not let this juicy opportunity to find out about our navy’s submarines capabilities.

As it was Abdul Razak’s company which won the contract, he would have access to the documents, which would have detailed information about the submarines.

There is a possibility that Antaltuya and Abdul Razak affair started because of lust and nothing else. But since both carried their trysts overseas, Hong Kong and even as far away as Paris, there was a high probability that a foreign intelligence agency would have found out about it and would have act accordingly. Even if she was innocent in the first place, she is indeed vulnerable to powerful influences.

Let me remind you that Antaltuya was a pretty young woman who was living in a foreign country, indeed several countries. And she was having an affair with a foreign married man who had access to top military secrets.

From the affidavit, Antaltuya apparently need more than money while Abdul Razak had lots of the ,money. It is possible that Antaltuya wanted marriage, a plausible explanation.

For me, however, it shows a woman who was so desperate for something from Abdul Razak that she would risk everything.

Was her hand forced by an intelligence agency which had nothing to lose? Abdul Razak claimed that he initially did not report the blackmail attempts as his lawyers told him not to lodge a police report as this would undermine his position.

Was he in a position to lodge a police report when Antaltuya first started to blackmail him? As I had said before money was not a problem to Abdul Razak but if she had asked for other things, it would have been a big problem for him.

I am trying to find out whether MI had interview Abdul Razak over the affair. As you might understand anything concerning intelligence is not an easy task. Perhaps I will get lucky.

I, however, believed that Abdul Razak had not reported the matter to the MI and the military was blissfully unaware of his trysts until the news broke out.

I am also inclined not to believe any conspiracy theories concerning Antaltuya murder. I believed that if it was true, Antaltuya would be sleeping with the fishes now.

I am not discounting that the possibility that Abdul Razak’s affidavit which detailed his affair with Antaltuya was just an attempt to confirm that he alone had an affair with her and he was not somebody else pimp as alluded by some.

But again if Abdul Razak had gotten someone else in trouble, it is most likely that the MI would have been involved.

I realised after the whole issue surrounding Anwar Ibrahim with charges of murder and conspiracy it is hard to to believe in anything but it is my best hypothesis on the Abdul Razak/Antaltuya affair.

I simply do not believe it was lust especially on the case of Antaltuya. She was not probably a spy but a pawn in a bigger game. Most women involved in such honey traps were not either.

Most enjoyed the money and the luxurious lives they enjoy being honey traps.

Abdul Razak cannot afford to alert the MI of the blackmail. Even if Antaltuya had only asked for money, the wise guys would not have believe her and Abdul Razak knew that.

He will be forced to leave his position of influence, not even bushels of money would have compensated for that.

Anyhow, even if I am correct that Antaltuya was a honey trap, it wouldn’t any good to Abdul Razak. It would just be as damning as his affidavit.


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