Money Don’t Grow On Trees

SHAH ALAM: Money dont grow on trees. Apart from signing MOUs to buy Boeing passenger jets,
DS Najib Tun Razak also discussed with US President Donald Trump, defence and security matters.

From the joint US and Malaysia statement following the visit.

Advanced Super Hornet. Boeing photo

The United States and Malaysia pledged to strengthen bilateral defence ties. The two leaders underscored the importance of expanding cooperation in priority areas, including maritime security, counterterrorism, and information sharing between our defence and security forces. They committed to pursue additional opportunities for joint exercises and training.

The leaders also underscored the importance of enhancing maritime domain awareness through the development of maritime capabilities such as surveillance, communications, and information-sharing, and expressed their intent to continue discussions on funding of assets through the most effective mechanisms for developing these capabilities in order to advance regional security.

President Trump welcomed Malaysia’s intent to make an additional US$60 million in defence procurements from the United States.

US$60 million dollars or RM252 million is small change in defense and security world. For example a single Super Hornet cost some US$77 million or RM322 million, per flyaway cost of an aircraft. It will cost more if you include support, spares and training, of course. Read this if you dont agree with me of the price.

Taiwan Army M109A5 SPH. Wikipedia.

So RM252 million cannot possibly be for a Super Hornet, its not enough. Anyhow, even my sources in the Ministry have yet to confirm what is the intended procurement. They are being cautious of course, after what happened with the Blackhawk and MIG-29 deals.

A file picture of the M109A5

That said the only US thing we had signed on was the M109 SPH. However as I also posted before even that had been delayed.

MD530G test bird with the weapons package expected to be procured.

As it is, my best guess is that the US$60 million deal is likely to be the M109 SPH. It is too low for the MD530G LSAH deal. Your guess is as good as mine.

— Malaysian Defence

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