Hercules Belly Lands at Labuan

SHAH ALAM: A Hercules from the 20th Squadron on a temporary detachment to the Labuan airbase, belly landed at the runway, yesterday. The aircraft M30-14 landed on its belly as it could not lower its starboard rear landing gear likely to a technical fault.

RMAF personnel working to move the Hercules from the Labuan airport runway last night. TUDM photo

From New Straits Times

The Defence Ministry, in a statement, said the pilot of the military transport aircraft, C130 Hercules, was forced to land without tyres at 5.15pm, after circling for six hours to burn off fuel.

“The military aircraft was unable to land normally at the airport in Labuan due to its malfunction landing gear.

“The aircraft made the emergency landing after circling the airspace for six hours. It has landed safely.”

The pilot and crew on board were unhurt.

M30-14 after the belly landing yesterday,

The Hercules had just took off for a training flight to Kuching when the landing gear failure was detected. The aircraft was on a temporary detachment to Labuan likely to ensure that 14th Squadron had enough aircraft to complete its operational tasking. As you are aware the squadron will have extra tasking for Eks Paradise 4/2017 which starts on Nov 14 and ends on Nov 26.

There is no word yet whether the Hercules fleet have been grounded pending investigation following the emergency landing of tail number 14.

M30-14 landing at Subang after taking part in the 2017 Merdeka flypast

There is also no word yet whether tail number 14 could be repaired though from the pictures the damage is minimal. Tail number 14 is among the five white tail H30 variant Hercules purchased in 1993, delivered in 1995 from Lockheed Martin.

A close up of the 14 cockpit as she taxied at Subang airport for the 2017 Merdeka parade.

The Hercules safety record in RMAF service has been exemplary so far with only a single aircraft written off. Tail number 03 was written off after it skidded from the runway while landing at Sibu airport on Aug. 25.1990.

*edited to add new information regarding the flight.

— Malaysian Defence

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