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KUALA LUMPUR: SOME RM500 million worth of assets for Home Ministry agencies is expected to be sign at the on-going GPEC Asia 2015, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. Among the assets to be signed is the contract for AW139 medium size helicopters for the PDRM Air Wing.

The signing ceremony is expected to take place on the second day of the exhibition (Thursday, Oct 22, 2015). Malaysian Defence has reported on the procurement of the Agusta-Westland AW139 recently. Go here.

Unfortunately, both AgustaWestland and the local company which won the contract, Galaxy Helicopters Sdn Bhd, did not participate in the exhibition.

At the signing ceremony today (Oct 22), the Home Ministry signed eight contracts, 2 Letter of Acceptance and one MOU worth RM535.7 million.

The police Air Wing will be getting two AW139s, costing RM138.9 million by August and September, next year. Although the number signed was lower than the company claimed, Galaxy Helicopters is still confident that the Home Ministry will signed on for another 4 AW139s within the next two years.

Meanwhile, Global Komited signed the contract to supply eight IAG Jaws APCs to the police, worth RM15.9 million, with delivery expected to be completed by November. These APC is expected to augment the two Streit Typhoon APCs in service with the UTK.

Global Komited IAG Jawa APC.
Global Komited IAG Jawa APC.

Other contracts include RM50 million Electronic Monitoring Device (EMD) for those found guilty under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012, better known as Sosma. The act provides for special measures relating to security offences, for the purpose of maintaining public order and security, and all related matters. Sosma was meant to thwart internal security issues including public order, acts of terrorism, sabotage and espionage.

Other contract signed were for MRO service for the the Air Wing’s fixed wing fleet (Cessna 208, Cessna 172 and the Beechraft Super King Air 350) and flight services from Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. Also signed were contracts to upgrade the police’s traffic compound system and the supply traffic summons books and spare parts for the Super King Air 350 aircraft.

Last but not least, SMEO Sdn Bhd also received a RM8.4 million contract for the supply of the Colt Advanced Piston Carbine in 5.56mm. The rifles is expected to be issued to the police Special Forces units. This will be the fourth Colt firearm to be introduced into Malaysian service after the M4A1, M4A1 Heavy Barrel and the CM901, all of which are in service with the Army.

Colt APCs displayed at the show. PDRM picture.
Colt APC being hold displayed at the show. PDRM picture.

The show itself started with a bang as a UTK team conducted a hostage rescue demonstration. The demonstration had been muted from the one originally planned mostly due to the haze blanketing most part of the peninsula.

Deftech AV4 for PDRM. The version for PDRM is shorter than the Army ones.
Deftech AV4 for PDRM. The version for PDRM is shorter than the Army ones.

For the demonstration, the UTK operators were carrying Ferfrans SCW Carbines as their primary long arms fitted with Aimpoint optics. Their secondary weapons were mix-bunch of Steyr and Walther 9mm semi automatic handguns.

A UTK operator with the Ferfrans SCW. Malaysian Defence
A UTK operator with the Ferfrans SCW. Malaysian Defence

The operators that I spoke too said they were extremely happy to ditch the Bushmaster M4 Carbines for the new weapons. However one operator told me that Ferfrans carbines were extremely loud when fired.

UTK operators sitting on top of the assault ladder of their Hilux.
UTK operators sitting on top of the assault ladder of their Hilux.

Apparently they were issued with new long arms recently as they embarked on high intensity training missions as they prepared for the up-coming East Asia Summit to be held in Malaysia, in late November.

— Malaysian Defence

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