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KUALA LUMPUR: SOME RM500 million worth of assets for Home Ministry agencies is expected to be sign at the on-going GPEC Asia 2015, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. Among the assets to be signed is the contract for AW139 medium size helicopters for the PDRM Air Wing.

The signing ceremony is expected to take place on the second day of the exhibition (Thursday, Oct 22, 2015). Malaysian Defence has reported on the procurement of the Agusta-Westland AW139 recently. Go here.

Unfortunately, both AgustaWestland and the local company which won the contract, Galaxy Helicopters Sdn Bhd, did not participate in the exhibition.

At the signing ceremony today (Oct 22), the Home Ministry signed eight contracts, 2 Letter of Acceptance and one MOU worth RM535.7 million.

The police Air Wing will be getting two AW139s, costing RM138.9 million by August and September, next year. Although the number signed was lower than the company claimed, Galaxy Helicopters is still confident that the Home Ministry will signed on for another 4 AW139s within the next two years.

Meanwhile, Global Komited signed the contract to supply eight IAG Jaws APCs to the police, worth RM15.9 million, with delivery expected to be completed by November. These APC is expected to augment the two Streit Typhoon APCs in service with the UTK.

Global Komited IAG Jawa APC.
Global Komited IAG Jawa APC.

Other contracts include RM50 million Electronic Monitoring Device (EMD) for those found guilty under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012, better known as Sosma. The act provides for special measures relating to security offences, for the purpose of maintaining public order and security, and all related matters. Sosma was meant to thwart internal security issues including public order, acts of terrorism, sabotage and espionage.

Other contract signed were for MRO service for the the Air Wing’s fixed wing fleet (Cessna 208, Cessna 172 and the Beechraft Super King Air 350) and flight services from Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. Also signed were contracts to upgrade the police’s traffic compound system and the supply traffic summons books and spare parts for the Super King Air 350 aircraft.

Last but not least, SMEO Sdn Bhd also received a RM8.4 million contract for the supply of the Colt Advanced Piston Carbine in 5.56mm. The rifles is expected to be issued to the police Special Forces units. This will be the fourth Colt firearm to be introduced into Malaysian service after the M4A1, M4A1 Heavy Barrel and the CM901, all of which are in service with the Army.

Colt APCs displayed at the show. PDRM picture.
Colt APC being hold displayed at the show. PDRM picture.

The show itself started with a bang as a UTK team conducted a hostage rescue demonstration. The demonstration had been muted from the one originally planned mostly due to the haze blanketing most part of the peninsula.

Deftech AV4 for PDRM. The version for PDRM is shorter than the Army ones.
Deftech AV4 for PDRM. The version for PDRM is shorter than the Army ones.

For the demonstration, the UTK operators were carrying Ferfrans SCW Carbines as their primary long arms fitted with Aimpoint optics. Their secondary weapons were mix-bunch of Steyr and Walther 9mm semi automatic handguns.

A UTK operator with the Ferfrans SCW. Malaysian Defence
A UTK operator with the Ferfrans SCW. Malaysian Defence

The operators that I spoke too said they were extremely happy to ditch the Bushmaster M4 Carbines for the new weapons. However one operator told me that Ferfrans carbines were extremely loud when fired.

UTK operators sitting on top of the assault ladder of their Hilux.
UTK operators sitting on top of the assault ladder of their Hilux.

Apparently they were issued with new long arms recently as they embarked on high intensity training missions as they prepared for the up-coming East Asia Summit to be held in Malaysia, in late November.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. No need.all the M4 in MOD inventory can be retrofitted/rekit with what Mk18 DD have; gas piston system+10inch barrel. Much more cheaper solution than buying a different set of weapon system

  2. Nice to see the operators getting better personal weapons.

    Armoured vehicles for the police? Do they need new ones? Visited a GOF camp last week, to its “pengangkutan” workshop, and there is about 12 saxon apc’s, a few other commando apc and the shoreland in addition to the normal lorries and land rovers. All parked in their own shelter. Most of time those apcs are parked and only run occasionally. About 40 saxons were bought in mid 80’s, I don’t see why they can’t be used in esscom area.

  3. In fact every law agency shud consider that option rather than buying identical system of M4 like ferfrans, HK and Bushmaster

    “Weapons is just tool. MAN itself is the deadliest weapon God ever created”

  4. Shorty = Loud
    This is a 8.5″ barrel = Xtra Loud
    With Muzzle brake = Louder Still and terrible blast.
    This is about as stupid a configuration of CQB carbine as you can possibly specify. Why?
    Because the blast and concussion is severely debilitating especially indoors and for team members working beside you.
    So why was this chosen? Because tauke UTK itu katak bawah tempurung and FERFRANS very kamcheng. The ENTIRE JUSTIFICATION of this procurement was based on full automatic firing. Yes, magazine dumps. Because as we all know, this is how you conduct high discretion operations in areas with non-combatants.

    This replaced the ‘national interest overdrive’ project that was Bushmaster which was so overpriced and so toxic that Freedom Group tak layan the agent lagi.

    UTK has very poor training and very little exposure to contemporary techniques. Lots of hand me down ideas from VAT who themselves are solidly 20th century. They don’t know what they don’t know.

    Let’s take the choice of a 8.5″ barrel for example. When fed M193 or SS109, the muzzle velocity of the projectile is less than 2,100 fps at 100m. This is means it will not fragment even if it does yaw and you essentially have a glorified .22 Magnum. It also means that you will in all likelihood punch through Asians with lots of energy to spare. This is bad. This is exceptionally bad if you use full auto. Which UTK does. Because they are badly led.

    Such a short barrel also means horrible flash and blast. Made WORSE with the brake. If you have to run a stubby, you use a blast diverter, not a brake.

    Then you see the idiotic position of the X400 light, which puts it right in the way of any barricade or horizontal cover (like a low wall, a car body etc.) Nobody runs them at pukul 6 these days.

    Oso see the tactical vest from China with the radio pouch that prevents shouldering the weapon on the support side. OKlah…they prolly don’t train to transition sides. Aiyooooo….

  5. So it seems what they want is not what’s the best for them lah actually… Don’t they cross train with other swat teams? Or even with ggk/paskal?

  6. is that UTK operator using aimpoint 4x and aimpoint micro dual combo in the picture? Sorry, I can’t see it clearly…

  7. Agree with stanman, such a short barelled weapon like those scw and mk18 usually comes with silencer that also acts as flash supressor.

    Really, the technique evolved day by day and seems that our security teams doesnt evolved too. Perhaps someone care to bring em to Instructor Zero to teach em basic of modern counter terorism technique. Not SAS 50’s style. Haha

  8. Some of us got lots of experience regarding fire arms and sf techniques eh?

    Apparently some of us do..

  9. Seriously! who really use auto-firing ….. can’t remember anyone shoot in this mode either you are panicking or attack by group of zombies

  10. Perhaps the short barreled one are better in fast,small or limited spaces scenarios..it’s logical..a few inches longer barrel might bring other good things but the operatives will find it a bit harder to move n reacts during mission…just my thought..

  11. Having used ARs from 8.5inch to 20 inch barrels in multiple calibers, a 14.5″ barrel is a good compromise for general operational usage. Unless you are operating from INSIDE a vehicle, at which point a 10.5″ is better. 8.5s are only valid for very specific taskings requiring lower observability or collapsed stowage.

    As for a select fire FCG, it is much inferior to a good semi FCG like the Geissele, which can be manipulated in hammer strings at a cyclic of 600rpm (if you are adequately ninja…not me).

    The optic is an Aimpoint T-1 on an ARMS#31 mount and the magnifier is a hobby grade Primary Arms 3x with a flip mount. I wonder how much was paid for that? The ARMS lever mount is probably the crappiest out there and very expensive.

    His patches are ridiculously huge…..

  12. Damaiakhirnya
    “Seriously! who really use auto-firing” ….. i dont know much abot u guys…but as far as i know in fibua/fofo we use auto to clear passage ways n room before entering after lobbing grenade into any opening..be it normal infantry or SOF…to use semi auto that is sucidal…hehehe…just imagine u wants to clear a room dark n full of shadows do u put ur head into the window n fire semi auto or just point ur rifle into the window n spray auto in click wise/anticlick wise direction ask those who cleared rm to rm in actual or training….

  13. It’s awesome when you run blanks. Not so much when you have to watch your background. These are SWAT type operations. At least we know who hasn’t paid attention. LOL.

  14. Could’nt agree more..in my opinion its better than having boarders riddle with rat holes….everybody is pointing fingers to one another but never get their act together to solve the problem….every agency wants to show they are better than the others…same here everybody want to be notice they know better….it is always differs in training…planning…n real situations if not your guys wont have heavy casualties in your latest adventure in borneo….

  15. Tuan stanman….this is my salute to you..u gave wonders theory about pimping m4…things that maf should n should not have…but why cant these sampan warrior from filipinas with simple weapons n crude teknik not on par to ur special forces…cant be dealt with eficiently n swiftly….mcm pepatah melayu mengatakan pendayung dah d tangan…perahu dah menghala ke hilir tungu apa lgi…walk the walk n talk the talk…..no guts no glory

    They were eliminated efficiently once the order was given

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