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The Truth Is Plain To See

SHAH ALAM: The truth is plain to see. Back in October, last year, the Eperolehan website floated a tender for 12.5 million rounds of 5.56mm SS109/M855 ball ammo. According to the specifications the round 5.56 mm ball shall be used with the following weapons such as follows: Steyr AUG. M16A1/A2. […]

Defence Contract

More Kaboom Stuff, Part II

SHAH ALAM: More kaboom stuff, part II. It appears that the Army is getting more ammo and rounds for its troops. The last time round it was mortar bombs, goose rounds, explosive charges and others. Now it wants suppliers to supply it with 105mm rounds, 40mm grenades – low and […]

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Home Ministry and Assets

KUALA LUMPUR: SOME RM500 million worth of assets for Home Ministry agencies is expected to be sign at the on-going GPEC Asia 2015, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. Among the assets to be signed is the contract for AW139 medium size helicopters for the PDRM […]

Malaysian Army

New Colt Rifle for the Army

SHAH ALAM: The Army has officially inducted the third firearm from Colt into service, the Colt M4 Carbine R0977 Heavy Barrel. The HB variant will not see widespread service, however, as it was procured specifically for the Army’s shooting team. No numbers are available but it will be around two […]