Horse Carriage and Transporter Tenders

Soldiers from 1 RAMD and 21 Skn Kuda Istiadat posed for a group photograph after the changing of the guard ceremony at Istana Negara on May 18. ATM picture.

SHAH ALAM: The Procurement Division of the Defence Ministry has issued two separate tenders for the procurement and delivery of a single royal horse carriage and a nine-horse transporter. The two tenders were published on June 19 and closes, on July 11.

The royal horse carriage is likely a horse drawn carriage for the king and queen to replace the current one. It is unclear when the current royal horse carriage was procured but it was last used during the farewell parade for the Sultan Al Abdullah, the XVI Agong.

Sultan Al Abdullah and the Queen on the royal horse carriage at the Armed Forces farewell parade on January 8. ATM.

Unfortunately, the public specification for the carriage is not viewable from the Eperolehan. As for the nine-horse transporter, the specification called for

There is a requirement for the Ceremonial Mounted Squadron to acquire complete set of Articulated Deluxe Horse Float that can accommodate nine (9) horses at one time for the purpose of transporting horses during official task from the stables to the task location. This horse float shall be towed by a prime mover. The used of this Articulated Deluxe Horse Float is to allow safe travelling and avoid injuries to the horses during the journey

Two soldiers on duty at the old Istana Negara main gate., one mounted. Internet.

There is no estimated costs for both tenders. The ceremonial mounted squadron is of course the 21 Skuadron Kuda Istiadat which is part of the Royal Armoured Corps. The riders and horses were a regular feature at the main gate of old Istana Negara at Bukit Petaling.

Soldiers from the ceremonial mounted squadron riding through the Istana Negara at Jalan Duta for the changing of the guard parade on May 18. ATM.

They are still a regular feature at the new Istana Negara at Jalan Duta but as it is not located along the main road their presence is a little more subdued. The first changing of the guard ceremony was held at Istana Negara on May 18, the first since June 22, 2019.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Meanwhile the carriage that King Charles rode to his coronation is hundreds of years old and there are few even older in the Royal Household.

  2. For our cash strapped Armed Forces, I dont think these pomp & splendour is a wise move unless it comes from the Palace budget.

  3. Off Topic, anyone have any idea what happened to PUTD rented Blackhawk that was supposed to be delivered by May (after extension) Philippine ordered 32 blackhawks!

  4. The Philippines has long had the largest rotary fleet in the region because of operational requirements and geography. On an given day PAF helis will be on taskings across the the breadth of the archipelago; from northern Luzon to the Visayas and Mindanao; supporting troops on ops against a variety of non state actors.

    Following the end of the 2nd Emergency our rotary fleet had a lot less to do and the situation has also changed in another aspect; unlike in the past army, MMEA, Bomba and police helis perform mercy flights and HADR. In the past it was solely done by the RMAF.

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