Turkish Delights

SHAH ALAM: Turkish Delights. A number of MOUs are expected to be signed on the sidelines of the KL Summit starting this Wednesday. As you are probably aware Turkish President Recep Erdogan are among the leaders scheduled to attend the KL Summit. Others include Iran President Hassan Rouhani and Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim Hamad Al Thani.

Some of the MOUs to be signed involved defence companies from Turkey and their Malaysian counterparts. More cooperation between Malaysian and Turkish companies was expected following PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad a few months back. During the visit, Tun Mahathir and his delegation also visited Turkish Aerospace, the manufacturer of the Anka MALE UAV which has been promoted to Malaysia since several years ago.

Dr Mahathir is presented a drawing of the Anka during his visit to TAI. TAI

I am not purview to the exact details but was told that MOUs are related to items some which are part of the wish list outlined in the recent Defence White Paper 2019.


The Hurkus trainer prototype and the ATAK helicopter performing the flypast for Dr M and delegation. TAI

Among them are the 6X6, MALE UAV and the MRSS. I was told that despite the MOUs the Turkish-Malaysian offerings will still need to go through the tender process first before being selected to fill the Armed Forces requirements.


It must be noted that Pakistani PM Imran Khan, who was scheduled to be at the summit, had cancelled his appearance. This was likely due to internal developments in the country. Some observers however have already speculated that his non appearance was due to pressure from other Middle east countries.

*updated with news of Pakistani PM cancelling his appearance at the KL Summit

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