Turkish Delights, Part 2

Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin 4X4 armoured displayed at the Deftech booth at DSA 2018. The vehicle is now being offered by NADI Corporation Sdn Bhd.

SHAH ALAM: Turkish Delights, Part 2. As reported previously, Malaysia and Turkish companies had signed a number of agreements in the sidelines of the KL summit. It must be said though I had reported that one of the agreements signed would be on the 6X6 project but it appears that it was not on the table. However other projects outlined by the Defence White Paper, the MALE UAV and MRSS were indeed signed.

Appended below is from Bernama courtesy of the PMO.

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 18 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today held a bilateral meeting at Perdana Putra, here. The 45-minute discussion was held on the sidelines of the Kuala Lumpur Summit (KL Summit) 2019.

After the talks, Dr Mahathir and President Erdogan also witnessed the exchange of several instruments of agreement between governments and businesses of the two countries in various fields. Thirteen instruments of cooperation between business entities of the two countries in the field of defence were also exchanged during the ceremony.

Among the instruments were the memorandum of agreement (MoA) between Sapura Secured Technologies Sdn Bhd and Aselsan Electronic on the Domain of Military Communication; and memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Havelsan Hava Electronic and AMP Corporation Sdn Bhd on Coastal Radar Surveillance.

Also exchanged was the MoU document between Tijan Galaxy Aerospace Consortium Sdn Bhd and Baynar Makina on Cooperation, Partnership, Knowledge Sharing and Technology Transfer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Services.


Indeed the signings were likely the result to have closer part cooperation between Malaysia and Turkey companies following Tun Mahathir visit to Turkey recently. Anyhow I guess I dont have to introduce Sapura Secured Technologies to our Malaysian readers as the company is also supplying the Army with various types of tactical radios, the Future Soldier System and the NCO.

The FSS experimental platoon at the exercise opening ceremony.

AMP Corporation is less well known though as it is mostly involved with the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). Despite less well known compared to Sapura, the company like the former is already a well established defence industry player so its tie up with the Turkish company is more or less a nod to the call of the government for better ties with Turkey’s companies.

AMP Corporation mobile radars in service with MMEA. The company also provide maintenance for MMEA coastal radars.

As for Turkish UAV maker Baykar Makina it is the first tie up with a local company, Tijan Galaxy Consortiume Sdn Bhd. which are subsidiaries or associate companies of local defence industry companies, Gading and Weststar. An agreement on the MRSS project was also signed at the same function, one that involved the MRSS project, between Istanbul Shipyard and Industri Marin Manjung Consortium though it was not reported by the news agency. Istanbul Shipyard tweeted about the signing ceremony.

Istanbul Shipyard tweet on the signing of agreement.

Turkish Aerospace also signed a colloboration agreement with CTRM, a subsidiary of DRB Hicom Sdn Bhd at the KL Summit itself, though no further details were released.

A full size mockup of the Anka with RMAF roundels were displayed at DSA 2018

As DRB-Hicom other subsdiary, Deftech, had already signed a similar agreement with Turkish Aerospace on promoting the Anka UAV for RMAF needs one can assumed that the latest one is just another affirmation of both companies on-going relationship and simply a reflection of the current political situation.

Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin 4X4 armoured displayed at the Deftech booth at DSA 2018

And another agreement was signed outside the KL Summit, one between Nadicorp Holdings Sdn Bhd and Nurol Makina of Turkey. The MOU is for a long-term partnership and collaboration to assist in the industrialisation of specialised vehicles inclusive of armoured technology and transfer. The release did not mention any specific vehicles but its likely Ejder Yalcin 4X4 armoured vehicle. Nurol Makina was previously partnered with Deftech to promote the Ejder to meet an Army requirements for a high mobility, protected vehicle.Enhance your phone experience with our stylish accessories! Elevate your look and protect your device with the unique coque Nothing Phone avec cordon. Show off your style while keeping your phone safe and accessible. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and functionality today!

It is important to note these agreements are only a pony show and does not reflect anything in the future. I guess, the more things changed, the more things stays the same.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Salam Tuan

    Regarding to the MRSS agreement,is it the continuous step of TAIS proposal of stealth MRSS to RMN?

    TAIS is a different shipyard

  2. I like the term ‘pony show’. The Indonesians are very good at it but we’re joining their ranks! Let’s hope these MoUs and MoAs will amount to actual defence buys. Especially when it comes to the MRSS project. So here’s to further Malaysian-Turkish cooperation! Skol!

  3. On the 6×6 KJA

    My personal opinion is that we dont really need a 6×6 for condor replacements in the armoured cavalry regiments. If we want to continue with industrial defence relations with turkey, just get a batch 2 of the Gempita AV8 8×8 instead. Yes marhalim previously said no to AV8, and I once feel the same way too. But we already bought them, and to maximise its potential, we need to buy a few more (mostly of the IFV25 version) and create a “GEMPITA” Brigade, similar in execution to the US Army Stryker Brigade.

    The condor tasks in armoured cavalry regiments IMO could be taken up by cheaper but similarly capable JLTV.

  4. The Bayraktar UCAV is not that bad at all, the Ukrainian bought 12 at USD70 mil, but i feel too short leg only 150km

  5. “The Indonesians are very good at it but we’re joining their ranks!”

    Interesting characterisation of the Indonesians when they are the ones actually buying things.

  6. ..”Interesting characterisation of the Indonesians when they are the ones actually buying things..”

    yes they are buying things..a small plate of salad to feed large table(s).

  7. @AM
    Taib probably meant the Indonesia of the 90s/2000s when they had talked more than spend (when they had to cut back caused by 1998 AFS). Actually, Malaysia was the same during that era post-AFS. All the talks of Rooivalk, Tornadoes, subs, MBTs, came to nothing. Only of recent, some materialised ie Scorpene & PT91.

  8. What we should be getting is more than a mere 2 UASs given our lack of any UASs with decent range and and endurance and the acute long delayed need to improve our ability to monitor our maritime domain.

    To get the best of those UASs we need to have a proper command set up in place to ensure that those who need the intel provided by those UASs get it on time with minimal or zero bureaucratic delays and inter service rivalries. I won’t even go into “armed” UASs yet as there’s no present requirement and it will take a while to agree on a ROE set up.

    I also see the eventual need for a tri service “UAS Command” but it mustn’t be dominated by any service and mustn’t be a dumping ground for people whose careers have reached a dead end and are awaiting retirement.

  9. @AM
    The Indonesians do buy but they have stutters too. Take their Su35 ‘buys’. They still have issues with their heavy lift transports as many are way older than ours. They prove keen to roll out their armored stuff wheeled and tracked, but they too need buyers. Maybe their Defence Minister can extract more $ from Jokowi, who knows. But it’s ‘stuttering’ because there’s this thing called economies of scale. Sometime back, some guy here did mention this too. It’s just not worth manufacturing what you can buy outright.

  10. The Tornado acquisition plans were replaced with Hawk, and the Migs and Hornet combo in place of Tornado was actually a better solution

  11. JunTau – “yes they are buying things..a small plate of salad to feed large table(s)”

    Despite all the latest buys the TNI is still overstretched in relation to the size of the archipelago and it’s operational commitments. Not only that but the TNI still lacks the ability to conduct sustained high intensity state in state conflicts and a lot of what it gets are driven by political imperatives (sounds familiar) but the fact remains that the Indonesian government (both out of a genuine need to improve its defence and for prestige) is showing a level of commitment and focus towards its armed forces. .

    The same can’t be said of the situation here where the politicians are so busy doing various things with defence being the last on the list of priorities. Not helping matters is the anti pathetic attitude many politicians have towards defence spending and the fact that the PM (for reasons known to him) has not seen fit to replace the underperforming Defence Minister ….

    Given the period when it was underfunded and when it’s focus was internal security: as well as shifting realities in the region; hardly surprising the TNI is doing what its doing: catching up on things long overdue. In the overall scheme of things it help tremendously that the TNI plays a much more dominant and visual role in Indonesian society (compared to the MAF here) and it helps a lot that various politicians are ex service members.

  12. The very reason that Indonesia (and other countries in ASEAN like the Philippines) shifting its focus on external security and catching up on things long overdue should be a wake up call for our Mindef and government to treat our defence posture seriously. Political and personal interests can no longer be a priority in planning for our defence.

  13. still waiting for any new acquisition contracts from this new goverment. major ones at least

  14. “the PM (for reasons known to him) has not seen fit to replace the underperforming Defence Minister”
    He is the leader of a political party in his Pact. Mahathir needs to keep his warlords happy after all. The same reason why he is not replacing the underperforming Finance Minister. Its all politics.

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