RMK12 Junked/KIVed?

SHAH ALAM: RMK12 junked/KIVed? The decision to impose an emergency today likely meant that plans to procure the MPA, UAV and the LCA is likely to have been put in the back burner. This is because the emergency declaration meant that the parliament has been suspended until further notice. The emergency decree was announced this morning (12 Jan. 2021) after it was approved by the King.

As you are aware the government was supposed to table the RMK12 plans in parliament this March. The delay in tabling the RMK12 plans also meant that the whole government development plans for the next five years – starting this year – will also be deferred. Of course they could passed the RMK12 plans under the Emergency Ordnance though I am of the opinion this will not happened. The government has said EO on higher fines for not adhering the current lockdown could be passed however.

A detailed on the emergency declaration by the PM. MKN

And as the emergency declaration stated that a general election will be held after the decree is lifted – at the latest this August – this means that the RMK12 plans could be tabled at the earliest in the first quarter of next year.

Leonardo ATR 72 MPA. Leonardo

This means that funding for the MPA and MALE UAV which bids are under consideration will be delayed until the money has been approved by parliament. The same goes for other projects which have not been tendered out like the LCA and LMS batch II.

TAI Anka UAV mockup at LIMA 19 . Ed Liew

There is also the likelihood that the current government will not fund the extra funding needed for the LCS though this is something that need to be confirmed.

LCS PCU. Maharaja Lela. Her name could be seen on the stern. Picture taken on Aug. 25. 2017.

Perhaps the Defence Ministry can still issue the tenders for big ticket items out but it will be risky as the next government might not want to follow the current RMK12 plans and asked for a new plan completely. I am assuming that the RMK12 procurement plan that was supposed to be tabled this March by the PN government is likely a modified version of the one prepared by PH.

Fourth LMS at her launch in Wuhan, China last year. RMN picture

It must also be noted that projects covered under the RMK11 will continue as funds for them will have been included under the 2021 budget. Projects which had gone over budget – like the LCS – will have to wait for RMK12 to be approved though. The new government – if elected by August/September – will have to prepare the 2022 budget as soon as it is formed and get it approved by Parliament by December, at the latest.

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