Naval Group Submits New Offer To Greece

A CGI of the FDI for Greece. Naval Group

SHAH ALAM: Naval Group submitted as part of the French Team with MBDA and Thales a new offer for the modernisation of the surface fleet of the Hellenic Navy. The French Team’s offer is a comprehensive and robust package designed to ensure Greece has the best capabilities in the shortest timeframe with optimised costs and includes:
• 4 FDI HN – the most modern frigate – 3 built in Greece and the 1st in service by 2025 along with a Gap filler solution of 2 frigates available in early 2022
• the modernisation of the MEKO frigates in Greece
• an ambitious Hellenic Industry Participation (HIP)

A CGI of the FDI frigate for Greece. Naval Group

The FDI HN is the only frigate offered to the Hellenic Navy capable of protecting efficiently high value units or area at sea, shore facilities, cities and Greek islands.

The FDI HN will be a power and sovereignty asset for Greece. Fitted with up to 32 ASTER missiles or with a combination of ASTER and MICA NG missiles, 21 RAM, 8 Exocet MM 40 B 3, MU 90 lightweight torpedoes and 76 mm gun, she offers unrivalled capabilities for the permanent control of air and sea space and autonomy of action, in support of the political and military objectives set. Like all Naval Group frigates, the FDI HN will be fully interoperable with NATO and EU Navies’ fleets. She will be capable of assuming all multi mission roles within any kind of allied fleet and within the HN fleet.

The FDI HN is a compendium of the best technologies from the European defence industries Thales, MBDA and Naval Group. The Aster missiles onboard can be engaged very quickly in all directions and ensure an unmatched hit-to-kill capability, making it possible to defeat saturating attacks.
The FDI frigate has been designed to be equipped as growth potential with Naval Cruise Missiles, a Deep Strike capability unique in the market proposed by Naval Group and able to deal with the latest threats. The physical and digital infrastructures of the FDI guarantee an evolutionary potential that will ensure that the Hellenic Navy will be able to deal with emerging and future threats over the life of the ship (UAVs, Cyber, anti-ship ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles, stealth threats underwater or above water, etc.).

The first FDI HN will be delivered in 2025 meaning that the needs of the HN will be addressed very quickly and Naval Group offers a risk-free solution for the construction of the 3 other FDI HN in Greece, by Greek shipyards, on time, and with the same quality and performances as the first of class.

Naval Group has a long track record of successful transfers of technology across the world. The frigates will be co-produced in Greece, with significant involvement of the French team. Construction of the 1st frigate in France will ensure operation by Greece in the shortest timeframe and secure the transfer of technology to allow construction of 3 frigates in Greece. This will ensure long-term autonomy for HN and significant economic benefits for the Hellenic naval and defence industries and hundreds of long-term jobs in Greece.

A CGI of the Belharra/FDI frigate for the French Navy. Naval Group.

For more on the offer go here.

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  1. Let’s hear from Team Tonga for a change. We can’t go wrong buying from them! After the LCS debacle, the only loose change we have will be half a frigate (a cardboard one) from Tonga or Vanuatu 😁!

  2. In light of the delay in the LCS project n the urgent need for hulls, we should modernise n fit the weapons which jas been fitted but not with. Quickest option

  3. Greece economic and politics were still unknown situations still can able to modernized its armed force despite got support from EU… How about us… were it’s goes to…

  4. @Taib
    I want my Team Tonga to do the Haka in front of the enemy before every battle! Bring it ON! 🙂

  5. “Naval Group offers a risk-free solution for the construction of the 3 other FDI HN in Greece, by Greek shipyards, on time”

    This would be very reassuring if Naval group can provide that solution to Malaysia for LCS in the beginning (a bit sarcastic here)

    Given that Greece just procured Rafales and their recovery economy, do they have the budget to actually buy 4 Berhalas and the upgrades for its older MEKOs at the same time? IMO its more efficient for them to get more smaller hulls like MEKO-A200 or even the larger Type 31e

    Yes they wanted to build the first LCS in France but our people convinced the PM then, Najib, that they could it all here. Greece is a Nato country and it has a clear and present enemy, Turkey which is also a Nato country. It is likely that they will get loans from the country which gave them the arms.

  6. Far – “Greece economic and politics were still unknown situations”

    Greece has traditionally spent more in defence compared to us because being a NATO member it has to maintain a certain level of capability and also because it faces a clear threat in the form of Turkey.

  7. “clear and present enemy, Turkey”
    While Greece is not on friendly neighbour terms with Turkey due to Cyprus, they are hardly enemies of each other in view that both are NATO nations, neither of them can take unilateral actions within NATO without dragging the other NATO nations in. Greece and Turkey have other important priorities, like controlling Aegean Sea and limiting Russian presence in the Med. Greece defence buys are geared towards that objective rather than countering Turkey.

  8. Marhalim – “has a clear and present enemy, Turkey”

    Both are countries with centuries of strife (the Ottomans ruled Greece) and both have overlapping claims in the Aegean and over hydrocarbon deposits in the Med. In the past Cyprus was and still is a contentious issue and on many occasions both have come close to war.

    Yes, a large part of what Greece does is related to Turkey. It’s hard for outsiders to understand but it’s Ingrained in their national psyche. When I was in Greece in 1994; I could always get a heated and emotional reaction when the topic of Turkey was raised (the Greeks were also very pro Serb). The Turks see things in a different way as they were after all the “overlords” of Greece for a long time.

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