Sea Ceptor For Type 31

SHAH ALAM: The MBDA Sea Ceptor system has been selected for the Royal Navy’s new Type 31 frigates. MBDA announced the contract by the UK Ministry of Defence on May 26. The UK MOD awarded a consortium led by defence firm Babcock a contract to build the Type 31 frigates – build on the Arrowhead 140 design – in 2019. The five general purpose frigates will be built alongside the Type 26 frigates under construction.

A CGI of the CAMM missile being launched.

MBDA’s Sea Ceptor system will protect the Royal Navy’s new Type 31 frigates under a contract awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Sea Ceptor is the world’s most modern naval air defence system of its class. Utilising the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM), it offers both world-leading close-in air defence and local-area air defence. The system will allow the Type 31 to protect simultaneously both itself and vessels near it from attack from current and future threats, including high-speed manoeuvring missiles, attack aircraft and fast inshore attack craft.

Eric Beranger, CEO of MBDA, said: “We are very pleased to mark this latest success for the CAMM family. Sea Ceptor was designed to change the game in naval air defence and, with Type 31 the latest in a growing list of ship classes that Sea Ceptor has been chosen to protect, it is rapidly delivering on this promise.”

The new contract includes integration of Sea Ceptor with the Type 31’s systems, along with delivery and installation of ship hardware for the Type 31 programme. Designed and made in the UK, the contract forms part of the Portfolio Management Agreement (PMA), a partnership initiated in 2010 between the UK MoD and MBDA on sovereign complex weapons design and production. The PMA delivers world-beating military equipment for the UK Armed Forces and has secured over 4,000 jobs at MBDA UK while generating savings worth over £1.2 billion.

Sea Ceptor is currently in service on the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates, and will also protect the new Type 26 frigates. The UK Ministry of Defence maintains a common stockpile of CAMM missiles for both the Royal Navy and British Army. The CAMM missile family has been selected by a growing list of other nations for both naval and land based air defence.

A CGI of the Type 31. RN

It is likely the first Type 26 frigate – the first one has just been joint – will be conducting sea trials next year even ahead of our first LCS – the Maharaja Lela. The first Type 31 is expected to be launched in 2023. That said the UK has also had its fair share of defence clunker just like our own LCS. For example, it has spend some RM20 billion for the Ajax armoured vehicles for the last five years and not single vehicle has been put into service. Its their money though…
A CGI of Type 31. RN

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