New Fire Tenders for The Army

Nissan UD fire engine of Bomba Tentera Darat. Bomba TD.

SHAH ALAM: The Army is getting eight new fire tenders for its fire service which are operated by soldiers attached to the Kor Perkhidmatan DiRaja (KPD). The fire service was set up in 1988 to act as the fire and rescue service at Army units – mostly at divisional headquarters – and also to help the public when needed.

Most of the fire tenders in service are the Mercedes Benz 1113 chassis, Nissan NE 4X2s and the BMC 4X2, which ordered and fabricated by AVP Engineering Sdn Bhd in 2007. AVP Engineering is a long time supplier of various vehicles to the Army. It is also the main supplier of fire engines to the Fire and Rescue Department.

BMC fire engines fabricated by AVP Engineering Sdn Bhd. Internet

The Army firemen qualified for their role by attending a three months course at the certified academies, likely the ones operated by the Fire and Rescue Department.
AVP Engineering Ford F550 Field Ambulance. AVP Engineering.

The request for bids for the eight fire tenders were published in February/March 2023 and the contract was awarded to High Point Worldwide Sdn Bhd with a letter of award of RM18.3 million. The fire tenders are imported as the MTO for them has been published on January 26 and closes this February 24.
Army firemen in distinctive orange jump suit preparing an abseiling course in 2018. BTDM

The public portion did not identify where the fire tenders will be shipped though. It is likely that they will be shipped back to Malaysia by May this year, just in time for DSA 2024.

Apart from the fire tenders, two RFB for MTOs were also issued to ship pyrotechnics and small arms ammunition for the RMN were also published on February 9. Both closes on March 9. For the pyrotechnics, two companies – Lembah Sembilan Sdn Bhd (RM168,000) and Artimal De System Sdn Bhd (RM114,850) were awarded to separate contracts in 2021 to supply RMN with the products. It is unclear though whether these are the pyrotechnics to be shipped from Westhaven port in Germany under the MTO tender.

A RMN armourer preparing for a live firearms training with H&K P30 9mm semi-automatic pistol and magazines. RMN.

As for the MTO for small arms ammunition, it involved some 8.2 million rounds manufactured by Ruag Ammotec of Switzerland. The ammunition in some 20 containers will be shipped from Zeebrugee port of Belgium. It is unclear what kind of small arms ammo are being shipped. They are likely to include 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.7mm and .338 Lapua ammunition for RMN small arms.
A RMN sailor firing a Vektor SS-77 machine gun. RMN

Apart from the .338 Lapua ammunition, the other ammo used to be supplied by SME Ordnance Sdn Bhd.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Why our ammo is supplied by Ruag Ammotec of Switzerland? Why cant it be supplied from China, India or even Singapore? I guess Chinese or Indian origin should be cheaper right? Are Swiss product so well sought after and high in quality?

  2. New TD fire engines maybe same with TLDM ones, maybe that Rosenbauer Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle from Austria, so that maybe some will go to PUTD bases, assuming TD is also responsible for AFRS.

  3. kamal – ”Why cant it be supplied from China, India or even Singapore? ”

    ”Made In Singapore” isn’t cheap. Far from it.

  4. Strange why something produced in Switzerland would be shipped out of a Belgian port. Italy’s next to Switzerland and it has ports.

    kamal – ”Are Swiss product so well sought after and high in quality?”

    What type of question is that? Will one live happily ever after if one partakes in potassium cyanide?

  5. If it is imported, it is probably be airfield rescue tenders.

    PUTD has Platun bomba within its regiments, attached to Kompeni Bantuan. SO this will be new ones for Rej 882 and Rej 883?

    Below is a picture of Platun Bomba of the Rejimen 881 PUTD, Kluang.

    As per Rejimen 881 PUTD in Kluang, it is a unit of a battalion-strength. Basically all the operations in Kluang is done by Rej 881 PUTD own sub-units, from tower-ATC to fire and rescue services.

    What would happen if there is 2 PUTD regiments located at the same airfield?

  6. Army 4NextG listed out the requirement of 2x Brigade of PUTD.

    2x Brigade means a minimum of 4x PUTD Regiments.

    2 in Semenanjung and 2 in Sabah/Sarawak?

    As for the blackhawk lease, there is some hint from Aerotree boss that those blackhawks has arrived in Malaysia

  7. indian made ammo sucked. it’s not a stereotype there are plenty of reports of low quality ammo from india. Those firing their lee enfield would avoid indian made 303 like a plague

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