Useful Load Capacity Increase For Anka UAS

SHAH ALAM: Useful load capacity increase for Anka UAS. Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) medium altitude long endurance, Anka unmanned system (UAS) – offered for RMAF MALE UAS requirements – load carrying capacity has been increased to 250kg allowing it to carry more ordnance. The Daily Sabah is reporting that the payload capacity of the Anka has officially been increased to 250 kilograms from 200 kilograms, quoting a Turkish website, SavunmaSanayiST.


From Daily Sabah:

The drone which is manufactured locally is currently in active use by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), Gendarmerie General Command and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT).

The Anka UCAV can stay in the air for more than 24 hours at an altitude of 30,000 feet (9,144 meters) with a 250-kilogram payload. According to open sources, the drone could previously be equipped with up to four Roketsan-developed smart mini ammunitions, MAM-L. However, the report highlighted that the 50-kilogram increase in Anka’s payload capacity is “theoretically” equivalent to two more units of MAM-L ammunition.

Meanwhile, a quadruple MAM-L deck is currently being developed for Turkey’s domestic unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). If this unit could be used on Anka UCAV, it could then carry up to eight MAM-L ammunitions.

The UCAV has three configurations: Anka-S configuration has Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) capability through satellite links and is being used by the TSK and the Gendarmerie units; Anka-B configuration can use Link Relay capabilities and is also used by the TSK and the Gendarmerie, and the Anka-I, which is the configuration that performs signal intelligence and is used by the MIT.

TAI Anka UAV on finals. TAI

The Anka UAS is among the eight UAVs which were put forward following a RFI back in December, 2018. One of them is of course the Kronshtadt Group Orion E UAV from Russia.

A full size mockup of the Anka with RMAF roundels were displayed at DSA 2018 with Deftech

As reported previously as the tender for the MALE UAV for the RMAF requirements is an international one it is likely that TAI would have competed by itself. It is likely that Deftech remained as its local partner though.
A painted missile on an Anka. Internet

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