The 100th Post

KUALA LUMPUR: After almost two years , Malaysian Defence finally reached the century post. What started as just an outlet to let off steam after 10 years in the journalism trenches, it had become something more serious.

Perhaps, it could become my second coming in the journalism world, the new media for Malaysian Defence, long thought off as a bit part of the country’s progress. In peacetime, defence seemed un-important to the layman. They will clamor for it once the bullets started flying.

By that time, if incompetence and self-importance had taken hold, no amount of wailing and crying will help us. Malaysian Defence will try to be the magnifying glass for the rest, the best he can.

With the readers help, it will be full time job!

By the way, the Mindef website finally fixed the mistake, which led to the Batik and Pewter blog.

Leftenant General Sallah Ud Din, referred earlier as the Pakistan Armed Forces Commander, is now designated as Pakistan Army Chief of General Staff. I hope they got his rank correct as everyone knows making mistakes on an errata is quite embarrassing.

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