Why Three Rifles?

KUALA LUMPUR: A tender which appeared (see below) call for the supply of three (3) 7.62 mm sniper rifles complete with accessories for the Malaysian Government appeared in the Mindef website on July 24.

Why is MINDEF looking to purchase three sniper rifles? Only about two months ago, a tender for similar rifles (quantity unknown) was also announced.

Since Malaysian Defence is unable to obtain the tender document (due to the tender regulations, one need to be registered with the Finance Ministry with the correct code to be able to purchase the tender documents) we could only make our own conclusions.

The only thing that come to mind is that the Army need to get three sniper rifles quickly. The earlier tender was for a bigger procurement of sniper rifles (1,000?) but this tender is probably for a special misison. Is it bound for Lebanon or Timor Leste? Or perhaps even for the other Special Ops team (Navy’s Paskal or Air Force Paskau).

One thing though, how fast is the rifles will be delivered to the end-user and whether the same weapon will be selected for the other, probablu bigger procurement. If its for the Special Forces, we will never know!

No. Tawaran : 49/2007
Tarikh Iklan : 24 Jul 2007
No. Tawaran
Tarikh Tutup
KP(PERO 1)B/T 265/2007

For The Supply and Delivery Of Three (3) Unit Sniper Rifle 7.62 c/w Accessories To Malaysian Government(Kod Bidang : 170101 atau 170199)


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