Nuri Down V and Federal SAR

KUALA LUMPUR: A failed football adminstrator and Member of Parliament recently suggested that a Federal Search and Rescue team be set-up following the tardiness of locating the crash Nuri.

He said that the special team would be able to find the helicopter quickly, which is of course, hogwash.

Without an Emergency Location Transmitter, not even a Federal SAR team would be able to locate an aircraft which had crashed into a dense jungle like the Nuri on July 13. Without an ELT it would take hard work and pure luck to find the wreckage, especially if there was no survivors or eye-witnesses on the ground.

The suggestion seemed to have a life of its own especially when the media failed to see its stupidity.

Who will fly the planes and helicopters for this team? RMAF pilots of course, they are the most experienced aviators in the country. Apart from flying the 30-yearold Nur, they are also still flying the Mi-17s operated by Bomba.

So by having a Federal SAR team, RMAF will lose more pilots to another service. And how may we pay for these team?? Its surely will come from the Defence budget. Less money for the soldiers. So in fact, a Federal SAR will not help anyone apart from its apparent author.

SAR like any other skills, shooting, paramedic and fire fighting are perishable skills. You need to continue doing it day-in and day out to improve further. Those people in SMART are wasting their time losing their skills by training for a disaster in the future.

Malaysian Defence believes it is better for this men to be stationed with their units doing their job on a daily basis and conduct their SMART training maybe two days a week

And for god sake leave the SAR job to RMAF CSAR teams and maybe the Coast Guard and Bomba SAR teams in the future. Dont try to federalise them like the failed football administrator suggested.

Just make sure all of our aircraft are fitted with ELTs. It is cheaper to install them rather than have 1,500 men and 10 helicopters looking for days to find the unfortunate victims.

Its no wonder our football team are in the pits!

Malaysian Defence

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